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The maintenance of glasses in daily life

  • By Robert Martine
  • Published 04/15/2011
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Glasses are divided into vitreous glasses and resinous ones. It does not matter if you rub the ophthalmic lens of vitreous glass with a piece of cloth, while you’d better not rub the resinous glass with anything. Remember not to rub the lenses. Be sure to wash both sides of the lenses with water first, and then wipe them with specified cloth. If you have time to go to the optical shops, you can also use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean lens. Generally speaking, they are free of charge. As to resin glasses, soapy water is the right choice. You should dip them with soapy water, rinse them with the tap water, and then gently dry them with the special glass cleaning cloth.

It is important to clean lenses in the right way. First, you should wet the lenses with clean water until there appears droplet on them. Second, drop a dr

op of cleanser essence and spread on the lenses with your thumb and forefinger. Third, wash away the cleanser essence with water gently. Till now, you could notice that the lenses are clear except for a few drops on them. Then it comes the forth step, wipe out the drop of water with the tip of cloth. It is safe enough to clean with cleanser essence, and it will not cause corrosion. In daily life, the lenses should avoid contact with high temperature. Because the thermal expansion and contraction of film is inconsistent with the lenses under high temperature, it could cause damage to the film. Lenses should also avoid contact with strong organic solvents, like acetone, ethyl ether and perfume, as these organic solvents will affect the surface finish of lens. In addition, the way glasses are put should obey fixed manners, first wrap the lens with a cloth, and then put it in the glasses case.



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