The Many Different Faces of Identity Theft

Identify theft is the fastest growing crime in America and the world. Identify theft occurs for many reasons whether they be for the thief to gain financially or to wreak havoc on someone’s life. Identify theft is one of the worst things that can happen to someone, and the majority of the time, they don’t even know that their identity is stolen. Identity doesn’t necessarily just affect your credit report, it can ruin your life.

Here are some of the different types of identity theft.

1. Character Identity Theft

Someone impersonates you and commits a crime in your name. This results in a warrant for your arrest, and that person usually runs and lays low so they won’t be caught. You, however, will be unsuspecting when the police break down your door and put you in handcuffs and thus you’ll be the one in jail. The majority of the time, this occurs when someone takes your driver’s license. They will have their own photo on the license with your information, so it appears as though you are the person doing the crime. This occurs when someone wants revenge against you and purposely causes you to spend time in jail, but it also occurs more often when a notorious criminal steals your identity to commit crimes so he can have an easy, clean getaway.

2. Financial Identity Theft

This is the most common type of identity theft and the type of identity theft we are most familiar with. This is when someone steals your information and sets up financial accounts in your name. Once they impersonate you, they can set up an entire financial portfolio in your name, completely ruining your credit. This occurs most often when you leave important personal or financial information and documents out in easily accessible places, like your garbage can. Make sure to properly dispose of all said documents. Invest in a paper shredder and shred before you throw it away.

3. Social Security Number (SSN) Theft

This occurs when someone steals your SSNN and gets a job in your name. They work and earn all the money, but the income taxes they have to pay go to you since they’re working under your name. This could cause you to lose those social security benefits that you may have had. Never give out your social security number to anyone unless you absolutely trust them or you absolutely have to. Most often, illegal aliens and foreigners will steal social security numbers because they do not have one but they need one to work.

4. Driver’s License Theft

Driver’s license theft is a common identity theft crime and is growing greatly because the DMV put has recently been printing books taht tell of all the details of the various states’ driver license specifications and information. Inadvertently, the DMV has made it so much easier for driver’s licence theft to occur. Thus a criminal can forge any driver’s license so it looks like the real thing, with all your information. If you ever get a speeding ticket you have no recollection of, this just might be the thing.

5. Medical Identity Theft

This is when someone steals your identity and either gets medical insurance in your name or even uses your current medical insurance policy to get treatments or drugs. With false information in your medical record, you could lose all your current medical privilege. People of great wealth or with jobs that have these kind of benefits are usually the targets of these victims.

Sometimes the criminal has no medical insurance and needs treatment for some type of injury of his, or other times it is to obtain narcotics or other types of prescription drugs.


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