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The meaning of a good wallet

  • By Tinker Mcdowell
  • Published 03/16/2011
  • Fiction

Do you think it is worth to spend the salary of a month to buy a wallet? If you ask me, I will say yes.     Someone said that I should have a wallet   A  few months ago, a friend of mine said to me that I should have a  wallet. “You should have a wallet and keep your money well.” He said.  The reason why he said that to me is I always lose my money carelessly.  After I have a wallet, I feel much better. I found my money was  systematic. My friend kidded to me, he said, When you have much money,  you can hide it into your wallet, and when you have not much money, you  can hide it into your wallet, too.     It is worth to buy a good wallet   The  meaning of a wallet is not just a wallet, it also represents your  taste. You can use it for many years. So it is important to have a  wallet with good quality. It will accompany you for a long time and help  you to save many memories. Supposing that you use 2000 Yuan to buy a  wallet and use it for ten years, you just have to pay 200 Yuan for a  year to have a good wallet. It is less than 1 Yuan for one day.     The special usage of a good wallet   Further  more, I think there’s another function that a wallet has. I will put  many things into my wallet other than money. Such as cards, photos and  some special things like a four-leafed clover. When I feel sad, I will  open my wallet and look at the four-leafed clover that means lucky. And then I tell myself, everything will be okay. For a good wallet, it has more space to depose such things.     For the seasons all above, I think it is worth to spend the salary of a month to buy a wallet. The author is a copywriter concentrating on sony playstation 3 ps3. Commments and inquiries are welcomed,



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