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The mechanism analysis of common drug reducing weight effect reducing weight

  • By aimeili lossweight
  • Published 05/4/2012

Many women are through taking diet pills to lose weight. But spent the first “effect reducing weight is significant” later, many people began the pain of life. Mental fatigue, extremely overworked or; Either rebound, lose weight results go down the tubes. 2 day diet pill This needs us to try to understand the mechanism of medicine reducing weight. the mechanism analysis of common drug reducing weight effect reducing weight !
 To the mechanism of the drug classification, often can be divided into three types :
1. The appetite inhibitors: mainly for BenBingAnLei drugs. Medical research shows that the person’s appetite is by the hypothalamus internal side parts of central and abdomen feed the outside of the feeding the regulation of the central common. BenBingAnLei effects of medicine for: through the exciting enough to eat central, produce anorexia reaction, medication after decreased appetite, easy to accept diet control. 2 day diet At the same time, because of its exciting role, make sleep reduce, cost is increased, leading to loss of weight.
Such drugs more variety, but are central excited role brings the insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, elevated blood pressure and addiction side effect and less application.2 days diet Only fluorine styrene-acrylic amine for small side effects, the effect is reliable and more for weight loss treatment.
2. Other performance-enhancing drugs (also called metabolism pair stimulants) : mainly for representative thyroid element, it can improve the body’s metabolism, fat decomposition, consumption so as to reduce weight. 2 day diet lingzhi But this kind of drug use if more than normal physiology dose when, can often produce adverse effect on the cardiovascular system. Need in under the guidance of doctors, careful use.
3. The pill kind of fall blood sugar medicine: pharmacological effect to increase muscle tissue anaerobic glycolysis, increase the use of glucose and reduce the intestinal absorption in to lower blood sugar. 2 day diet pillsThese drugs in the treatment of diabetes, often cause anorexia patients and the loss of weight. Use the side effects, and can be used in the treatment of reducing weight. The pill kind of lowering blood sugar of normal blood sugar medicine have no effect. Therefore, the obese patients without diabetes can also be taking. nopicture-1336587

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