The Men Who Helmed The Glory Top NFL Coaches of All Time

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in American Football
Published on 02-24-2009

The NFL captivates many of us for it’s monsters on the field and the excitement of the action, but sometimes forgotten are the men who walk the sidelines. The coaches spend hours upon hours agonizing over the X’s and O’s of the game with the hopes of victory as their reward. Over the years there have been a select few that have stood out, in many fans opinions they are the top NFL coaches of all time. Trying to narrow down the best of all time is an argument that can go on forever, so for arguments sake we will look at the top-winning Super Bowl coaches over the years.

To the younger generation Lombardi may just be the name of the trophy that is hoisted up at the end of the Super Bowl. In fact Vince Lombardi, the man for whom it is named for was a true coaching great. Along with his all-pro Quarterback Bart Start he won the first and second Super Bowls in 1967 and 1968. In this he turned the laughing stock Green Bay Packers into winners. Lombardi is known for his sideline quotes of inspiration.

Tom Landry is single handily responsible for turning the Dallas Cowboys in to “America’s Team”. He appeared in five Super Bowls in the seventies and won two. Landry is best known for walking the sidelines with his trademark fedora. His first championship was delivered with the help of Hall of Famer Roger Starbauch.

In many Dolphin fans minds Don Shula is the PERFECT coach. He led the Dolphins to two championships in the seventies including the 72-73 season in which the team went undefeated. Perhaps his only blemish was not being able to get future Hall of Famer Dan Marino a championship.

Chuck Noll brought the curtain down when winning his three championships in the 70’s. His Pittsburgh Steelers teams would be known for their “Steel Curtain” defense and their amazing fans twirling their terrible towels with passion at every home game. Along with Terry Bradshaw they would rule the latter part of the 70’s.

Bill Walsh may have been blessed when he attained former Notre Dame quarterback Joe Montana. Along with Mighty Joe, Walsh would win three Super Bowls as well as develop the now famous “West Coast Offense”.

Bill Parcells was nicknamed the “Tuna” for a reason. He is a big fish among the league. His Giants were a powerhouse in the late 80’s and early 90’s winning two Super Bowls. After his stint with the Giants he would go on to take numerous bottom feeders around the league to success, as well aiding in one of the greatest turnarounds in NFL history. Last year he took the Miami Dolphins from one win to a playoff appearance in just one year as a front office leader.

Jimmy Johnson traded one of the best running backs of the era for a slew of draft picks and ultimately a slew of rings. Johnson’s Dallas Cowboys would resurface as “America’s Team” in the 90’s winning three championships two with Johnson as a coach and one with no doubt do to his personnel.

Mike Shanahan won back to back Super Bowls as coach of the Denver Broncos in the late 90’s, but more importantly help John Elway achieved greatness as he finally quterbacked his team to a championship.

When you think of geniuses in the sport Bill Belichick must come to mind. He may not look like a genius with his messy hair and tatter hooded sweatshirt, but the man’s three rings quickly clean him up as New England Patriot fans can attest to.


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