The Most Expensive Dog Breeds


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As canine companions have become part of countless families around the world, certain breeds have become widely popular, highly sought after, and very expensive. While people’s motives differ for owning a luxury dog and paying a premium, most owners will agree that the price is well worth it. So how much are people now paying for “man’s best friend”? Some of the prices are staggering.

Samoyed – $3,000 to $8,000 per pup

The Samoyed, originally bred for nomadic herding and work, is one of the most expensive dog breeds because they are so rare. Unlike other breeds, Samoyed breeders are few and far between as taking care of a Samoyed is expensive and time-consuming. Due to their dense coat, Samoyeds require consistent brushing as their hair will otherwise become matted. While some owners may be inclined to shave their Samoyed, this is a disastrous move as the Samoyed’s skin is naturally light colored and can quickly burn in the sun. Despite being high maintenance, the Samoyed is a wonderful companion for any family. Since Samoyeds were bred for working, they tend to have a high energy level making them perfect for families and children. Additionally, Samoyeds tend to have a very friendly disposition and are rarely aggressive. Samoyeds are also hypoallergenic due to their lack of dander, making them perfect companions for children with allergies.

English Bulldog – $2,000 to $5,000 per pup

The English Bulldog, also know as the British Bulldog, is the official symbol of England and is actually more popular as a pet in America than the United Kingdom. Unlike other breeds, what makes the English Bulldog so expensive is its high demand. Various universities, sports teams and national forces like the US Marine Corps have adopted the bulldog as their mascot. Additionally, popularity of the English Bulldog has increased as families have found the breed to be very friendly, docile, and loyal. The English Bulldog also doesn’t require a high level of exercise and thus, is a great choice for families living in smaller homes and apartments, less-active owners, or very busy owners. The breed tends to have specific health issues, including breathing problems that can cause the dogs to snore loudly. While some owners may find this cute or funny, others may find it bothersome at night.

King Charles Spaniel – $800 to $3,500 per pup

Once the favored pet of Charles II of England, the King Charles Spaniel is an expensive breed partly because of the high demand. King Charles Spaniels are also expensive due to the unique appearance of the breed. The King Charles Spaniel has four recognized colors, however the breed is unique in that the dog retains its luxury price no matter what its coat color. Dog owners are also drawn to this breed because of its high intelligence, playfulness, and desire to please. King Charles Spaniels love attention, and are quite content sleeping on an owner’s lap or cuddled up beside their owner. These dogs are also very social, and can play well with others dogs including larger breeds.

Other expensive dog breeds include the Norfolk Terrier, the Akita Inu, and the Yorkshire Terrier. Despite the price, all of the aforementioned dog breeds will make a wonderful companion and perfect addition to any family.


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