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The most popular handbag brands for girls

  • By Julia Phillips
  • Published 12/20/2010
  • Article Writing

Handbags for girls and women are very popular today. All of them need at least one of them. They are symbols of fashion and beauty. Females like to carry them each time when they go out, especially girls. Some of the bags are really attractive. People cannot resist their temptation.     There are some famous and excellent bag manufacturers. They create perfect handbags for women to carry. Even though most of them are expensive, most girls like to own one as they need it. Among the great varieties of handbag brands in the market, the followings are the most popular for girls as the bags of these brands are all fashionable.     Coach: As a young bag manufacturer, products of Coach are not as expensive as those of other brands. Most of the prices of the bags are acceptable to girls. With spending 100 or 200 dollars a girl can own a beautiful and durable designer handbag of Coach. The inexpensive price of Coach products is one of the reasons why Coach is so popular. And of course, designers of Coach are also creative. They designed many impressive bags for girls each year.     Dolce and Gabbana is another famous brand in the fashion world. It provides girls many classic and elegant bags. More and more girls like to carry elegant handbags today. Thus, Dolce and Gabbana products are becoming more and more popular. Chanel is a great brand which is not only known for the bags, but also known for other fashionable accessories. The perfume of Chanel is the most well-known in the world. And these years, bags of this brand are also very popular. Even though they are too expensive to buy to most girls, they still love it as it is an excellent brand. Louis Vuitton is a brand which will surely be mentioned when it comes to fashionable accessories. It is also welcomed by females. People can usually feel what royalty is when carrying a bag of LV. It is always what girls dream to own. Besides, some other brands such as Gucci and Burberry are also popular. Products of these brands are all considered as high-end and of high quality. And most of them are timeless. They can be carried for several years. No wonder handbags of these brands are so hot!



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