The Most Popular iPhone Accessories

The iPhone is an amazing device right out of the package. Nevertheless, a few well chosen iPhone accessories can be used to make Apple’s flagship product even better. It’s worth spending a few extra bucks to get the most out of your iPhone, so here’s a look at the most popular and useful iPhone accessories available.

Griffin Streamline for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS – It’s fun to work out with your iPhone, but you don’t want to risk dropping it and damaging a $300-400 gadget. This popular iPhone accessory allows users to securely strap an iPhone to their arm while working out. It’s the ideal way to use some of the awesome workout apps available for the iPhone, such as the Nike app. It also keeps your iPhone away from your sweat and body heat, which can wreak some havoc with the electronics. This is a great iPhone accessory for workout fanatics.

Apple iPhone Video Component Cable – Some of the most popular iPhone accessories come from Apple, since, well, they made the device in the first place. This simple cord allows you to hook up an iPhone to a television set, allowing for easy viewing of YouTube and iTunes videos. It charges the iPhone while video plays. There are some problems with the accessory however – videos taken on the iPhone 3G S don’t seem to play well through the connector. Hopefully, a future iPhone software update will take care of that problem.

DLO VentMount – It’s unsafe to mess around with your iPhone while you’re driving, but this iPhone accessory makes it easy to view your iPhone in the car without putting you in danger. It mounts to your dashboard, allowing you to look at your iPhone to follow Google Map instructions or any GPS apps that you’ve got installed, or to allow you to change music at a stoplight without fumbling around too much. The DLO VentMount is an iPhone accessory designed for the iPhone 3G, and may not fit all models of the device.

CarFM For iPhone – The best accessory for getting iPhone sound through a car stereo is probably a cassette adapter. They’re cheap, and they replicate nearly the full range of sound on an iPhone. With that being said, there’s a big problem: many modern cars no longer have cassette decks. Enter the CarFM, a great iPhone accessory that allows iPhone music to be streamed through a car’s radio. Many FM transmitters are low quality, and force users to fiddle with a radio constantly to get good reception, but in my tests the CarFM from PDO provided consistent, good sound. There were few issues, even when the accessory was near a major city where radio frequencies are pretty jam packed.

iSkin Revo2 – Finally, there’s no more common accessory for the iPhone than a good case, and the iSkin Revo2 is a great example. It doesn’t mess with the great aesthetics of the iPhone. Instead, it’s a clear film that protects the iPhone while looking great, and it’s easy to apply and take off. Best of all, it’s a very inexpensive iPod accessory, and well worth stocking up on to keep an iPhone protected.

Do you know of any other great, popular iPhone accessories? Share your thoughts with us in our comments section below.


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