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The necessity for women buying more than one bag

  • By tanmus willson
  • Published 12/31/2010
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In  modern society, every woman has more than one bag. Some of them may be  expensive, and some may be cheap. Women like to buy bags, packets and  bales which belong to different brands, and have different colors.  However, some people may think that for a woman, just one is enough. In  my opinion, having more than one bag is necessary for a woman. There are  mainly three reasons.   First,  different packets can decorate different colors of clothes. Women’s  clothes are richer than men’s no matter in number or color. So women  certainly need more packets to decorate their clothes. For example, if  she wears a pink skirt on Monday, carrying a white packet is a smart  choice for her. And when wearing blue on Tuesday, she should take a  black one with her. So women need to buy more packets in order to wear  different colors of clothes.  

Secondly, women use different bales in accordance with different weather. This is  the same as wearing clothes. If the weather is

hot, we will wear light  garment. And when it is getting cold, we put thick clothes on. In  summer, most women prefer to take a small leathered packet, and in  winter, most of them choose to carry a big woolen bale. So choosing  which bag to use depends on the weather. And changing bags can make them  feel comfortable. Therefore, women should buy more than one bales in  order to adapt to different weather.   Last,  bags can satisfy women’
s desire of chasing beautiful things. Women like  to dress up themselves. When they see beautiful bales, they can not  help themselves wanting to possess them. And every international brand  will put out their new packets or bales in each new season. So it is out  of fashion easily if woman just has one bale.    In  a word, it is necessary for women buying more than one bag. Different  bales can not only decorate different colors of beautiful clothes, but  also adapt to different weather. And more packets can satisfy women’s  desire of chasing beautiful things, making them never leave behind by  the trend. nopicture-6820974

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by tanmus willson



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