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The New Black Pencils All Black Pencils


The New Black Pencils Pack of 12

The new website Maxton Men has a great selection of cool items, and also includes an entire section on cool office supplies.  They were kind enough to send me over this sample pack of completely black pencils as well as offer a special discount for readers of this website.  If you head over to the Maxton Men Office Supply section,  and use the code OSG15 you can get 15% off on any products from the office supply category which includes Moleskine and Field Notes brand notebooks as well as some other great items.  All orders also get free shipping.  Now lets take a look at these all black pencils.


“The New Black” Pencils with 12 Different Phrases

So as you can see from the photos, “The New Black” pencils are exactly what they sound like, the entire pencil (excluding the writing) is black.  Everything from the wood to the erasers to the metal ferrule that holds the eraser to the body.  The only non black part of the pencil is the white lettering with the rather humorous “new black” saying that you can read if you click on the photo above.


The New Black Pencils Really are ALL Black

With a closer look you can see that even the wood case on the pencils is black, which also leads to black shaving when you sharpen them.  Sometimes I’m just a sucker for things that are all black, but these pencils are definitely worth it because beyond just looking cool, they actually wrote quite nicely.  Even for a pencil curmudgeon as I like to call myself, the writing experience with these was pretty good.  Most standard wood case pencils that I’ve used did not impress, and I really don’t like them, however these definitely write better than most basic wood case pencils I’ve written with.  There was very minimal scratching and the line left behind was pretty dark.  I think these pencils are more about the visual appeal but they certainly suffice for someone that is not as opposed to using a pencil as myself.

If you want a unique and eye catching pencil, definitely check out The New Black Pencils over at Maxton Men, and don’t forget that you can get a 15% discount on anything in the office supply section, as well as free shipping by using the discount code OSG15 between now and February 4th, so go check it out if you are looking to stock up on anything.

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