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The new trend of bags in 2011 stylish waist packs

  • By machinechina machinechina
  • Published 02/21/2011
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When it comes to waist packs, also called belt packs or bum packs, most people would relate it to travelling. It may be hard for a fashion addict to imagine how she would look like when wearing such a bag around the waist with gorgeous dresses for daily life. However, in 2011, there appears a new trend of bags– waist packs.This year, you can find more models featuring trendy styles and wonderful designs than before. Apart from the most usual types, there are also many unique and thrilling styles that can be seen in the market. These stylish belt packs can not only be used for travelling but can also be worn for everyday life.

Though the market is filled with so many different styles of waist packs, there are some common features that most of these packs have, such as adjustable waist belt, padded back panel, and a numb

er of compartments. In the past, you may feel that most of the belt packs look exactly the same with few differences. However, nowadays, thanks to the great talented designers’ amazing creation, these practical packs are spotted in a large variety of variations.Leather waist packs are favored by most people. They won’t get dirty easily and always look clean, which makes them the perfect packs for trips. You can put all your essential belongings, such as cell phone, MP3, wallet, keys, and all kinds of cards in the leather packs safely. In addition to the most common black or coffee color, there are also various colors and styles of these leather fanny packs for you to choose from.Waist packs can help to leave your hands free to do any other things you like while walking, hiking and travelling. Choose the stylish models and they would add a special touch to your personal style.



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