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The new winter thickheeled shoes with the interpretation of retro charm

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/7/2012

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Fashionable shoes not only can modify the leg type, and also makes it look more slender erect stature. Whether you are fashion people, you are not to be missed this beautiful single products. Our shoes online shop recommended new knight thick heels and encourage the gospel girls o try the high heels in autumn and winter.

Dark brown high water table leg type modified to be more slender perfect black leather workmanship in the shoes mouth embellishment popular angora. The curved lines of the body of the shoe modified more intact, highlighting the sense of design, both warm and there is no lack of fashion.

A towering slope with water table use the weaving process, it is very unique. Leather black shoes body with a glossy highlights the noble taste. The middle line of the cutting line clear sense of leg lines lengthen.

The velvet material uppers wear extra comfortable, thick heel and water station use the brown wood materials, texture clear and black shoes body strong contrast is very striking. The front and sides of the bundled laces and metal hole highlight the sense of design, erect posture, stereoscopic clear.

Black Queen in all colors, shiny glossy leather material, increased visual enjoyment. The high water table modified lines of the legs, the shoes I dotted symmetrical double root chain with metal texture clear, revealing a thick sense of design, it is not a charm with elegant wedding dress.

Olive green body of the shoe on the use of the color is very unique. Leather materials to bring the sense of dull polish, a deep flavor. With external side zipper and the wrinkled texture of the front and retro sense of zippers, highlights the ingenuity of the designer, the great knight retro style.

The deep maroon water table, the dull black leather, decorated with shiny rivets, irregular arc cut mouth shoes, exquisite serpentine, and both in giving fashion style. Thick heel adds a little more dignified sense, quite retro.

Dark brown body of the shoe, the high water table leather bag rope up slender legs look more three-dimensional. Curved pressing line look chic metal buckle of the side chain with a retro feel, tough lines seems to precipitate a general sense of the vicissitudes of life, quite handsome and domineering.

This is a tasteful shoes, silver high rough with erect posture, the same color material package rope before the uppers, like masks generally bring a mysterious feeling. Strong contrast but also highlights the sense of noble and beautiful silver and black, like a medieval knight, like chic boundless.

The pale pinkish gray body of the shoe highlights a spotless complexion, fine leopard bow echoes water table, also with a feeling of light and agile, the same as if the vivid butterflies might fly away at any time.

Dark brown wholesale fashion boots, its leather cut is unique and the texture is very clear, which let the leg lines looks very smooth. Then the shoes use a sexy leopard embellishment at the same time, and also enhance the taste. Now come up our wholesale china clothing shop to choose one!

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