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The nice boots with skirts is a new suggestion in winter

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/21/2012

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Do you have mastered the trends of winter boots in this year? When you wear the style clothes, which style boots how to choose? Now our wholesale shoes online shop will introduce some kinds of winter boots for everyone, so you should come our wholesale fashion shop.

The color of purple, which can bring a Korean fashion dreamy fairy tale-like color for you.. This pair of warm snow boots, turned burr design, enough to make the sweet girls tempted endless. The design of sole is relatively thin and cumbersome.

Velvet uppers, very special shades of burgundy hue, will be presented in a different light irradiation. Evidently the temperament of a pair of shoes.

Person of short stature crush their winter must ultimately, one pair of slope with boots now! Heeled boots, wedge heel shoes wear more convenient, comfortable, out to the streets shopping convenient.

Great love this dark blue style boots, handsome, cool, neutral wind girls, some love it! Leather lace with fashion design, wear was high.

Color models of boots like this fight is on the network this year, selling style. Red and black classic color matching, bring a nostalgic and retro feel. The metallic chain decorate, as well as the the shoes front end flash Drill design, this pair of shoes with the perfect word to describe that is no exaggeration.

Black boots, the most wild, yet stylish sense. The unique design gradient color fur Liangpi lace, very atmospheric, significant gas field.

Slope with boots of the paragraph, is the flagship of the 2012 winter boots, to help Shorty waitress who build tall posture, and is also very easy to walk, lightweight and convenient. One pair very festive feeling red boots, when the New Year, to wear these boots, certain super festive!

The wholesale fashion snow boots is very fashion and popular item for girls, and the insertion of rabbit hair design gives a very warm feel. This must be very beautiful with leggings to wear in our wholesale shoes china!

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