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The Office Props Cool Office Supplies from TV


Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) Screen Used Framed Portrait

I stumbled across this auction of some pretty cool office supplies if you want to call them that.  These are office supplies in the sense that they are supplies used to film the show “The Office so as someone that used to watch the show it was fun to look through these.  The Office props I’ve got pictured here are just a few of the 30 or so available so when you are done reading here, click on the link to see them all.


Pam Halpert Business Cards

Besides a giant scary picture of Dwight, you can also pick up some of Pam’s Business cards that list her as a Junior Employee of Sabre,  division of Dunder Mifflin, Inc.  Creed’s and Stanley’s business cards are also available to bid on as well.  Many of the items available are really just wardrobe related, but there are definitely a few other office supplies like these business cards, so go check out all of the props and wardrobe items from “The Office maybe you will find something that you want to bid on.  Its a short post today, but we couldn’t pass up a chance to share The Office props with you today, it seemed like a good opportunity to share some light reading on cool office supplies to get your weekend off to a fun start.

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