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The one that is suitable for you is the best

  • By Keith A Johnson
  • Published 12/22/2010
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Do you often skim through magazine about fashion?  The clothes advertised in the magazine are beautiful, but youcannot afford them. This is a common problem. Many people have not enough money to buy a few name-brand clothes thatthey like very much. But do the brand-name clothes really suit you? How to dress well? Here are some suggestions foryou.Find your own styleMany people envy who can dress like the stars that appear in the advertisement on TV or in the magazine. But you mustrealize that brand-name clothes may not be suitable for you. What you buy is influenced by what television, magazinestell you. As the proverb says, the one that is suitable for you is the best. Just dress in your own style andhighlight your personality. The style of clothing you choose shows your characteristic and shows what type of personyou are. So it is not wise to follow the current fashion, regardless of whether it is suitable for you. You should tryto find your own style that fits you the most.

Tips to hid

e your defectSelect the right shoesIf you are shorter, it is more appropriate for you to try square-toed shoes. For those who are tall, buy pointyfootwear but not round-toed shoes. You can choose high heels to add your height. But if you walk unsteadily, wearinghigh heels just make you look unconfident and give a bad image.Choose the fitting sizeSelecting the clothes in fitting size is important. If you are fat, it is recommended to choose the clothes that arebig enough. Wearing tight-fitting shirts only highlight your cellulite. And if you are tall, tight-fitting shirts willmake you appear like a flag pole.Use some decorationsSome accessories, such as hat, hairpin, or special glasses can attract others ¡äattention on your face .If you wear adress, you can wear a long necklace to go with your dress. Using some accessories properly can make you look moreattractive.By dressing cleverly, you can be more confident and more beautiful. Dress in your own style. Choosing the clothes thatare suitable for you and this is the most important. 1d53e06a3a09b96dbdc857e65306f4ea-9456665

Keith A. Johnson

by Keith A Johnson


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