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The orgchart as an essential succession planning tool

  • By Joe Kollinger
  • Published 02/22/2010
  • Writing for the Web

Having managed scores of technology projects I have learned that success primarily depends upon having the right people effectively placed within the organization. As important as technology (the ‘hard’ stuff) is, it is only an efficiency factor – and one that heavily depends on the quality of people (the ‘soft’ stuff) engaged in the organization. You may have heard of the saying, “the hard stuff is easy, and the soft stuff is hard.” It’s the people issues that bring the greatest challenge to any project. It used to amaze me that post-project reviews would commonly cite problems with people and communication at the top of the list. But not any more. Many of us ‘seasoned managers’ have come to understand that there are actually ‘rewards’ for keeping things fuzzy – which is why we persist in seeing communication problems and ‘squishy’ team structures. It’s to busy and ambitions peoples’ advantage to avoid being nailed down – particularly if they are being ‘overworked’ and reporting to multiple bosses. So what can you do about it?

Management tools like the organization chart dismantle the ambiguity in accountability and authority relationships. In so doing, they facilitate relational agreements that bring peace, productivity and results.

The oorganization chart (rganigram/organogram) is a critical tool for organizational definition. It brings clarity of accountability and results to each member of the team. It shows where the fat or redundancies are in the organization. If developed using an automated organization chart software (such as OrgChart Professional by OfficeWork Software) the chart can be quickly assembled from your company HR data –

and then kept current through an automated method. Organizational people and cost analysis becomes a simple task. Most organizations have org charts, but few keep them up-to-date. In order to get your arms around your projects and organization you must have a current organizational chart. Just because you are clear on the organizational structure in your own mind does not mean that everyone else is. As the manager you must continue to refine and document your organizational structure and ensure everyone on-board both understands and agrees.

Nothing is left unclear when structural relationships are documented with an organizational chart created with OrgChart Professional – the world-class standard in organizational chart software. Thousands of managers use OrgChart Pro to create organizational charts visualize the company organization, design organizational structures, analyze headcount and span of control, and determine cost overload or redundancy.

As the manager you must take control of your organization. Take action to apply the right tools that bring clarity and results to your peoples’ working relationships.

About the Author:

OrgChart Standard chart up to 50 people, in various divisions and teams. It is a fantastic succession planning tool to quickly create your company and matrix organizational chart so that everyone knows the players and what to expect from them.Talent management process and steps in managing leadership succession planning in your organization or business.Regarding any info about OrgChart Software please feel free to contact us at our Toll Free No: 866.331.4534. OrgChart v5 is the New Standard in Organizational Charting Software.


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