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The Origin, Development And Growing Popularity Of Leather Men’s Bracelets

With the growing demand of leather in fashion industry, several designers have started designing leather made accessories for men and women. If we talk about male fashion sectors, leather is no longer confined to shoes, jackets, wallets and belts. Nowadays, hides and sturdy leather obtained from animals is being treated by chemicals and is widely used for creating hats, sweatshirts, trousers, wristbands, bracelets and other masculine accessories. A common use of leather is seen in manufacturing wrap bracelets.

The concept of leather men’s bracelets is not new. It dates back to mid 18th century when the hippie culture was at its peak. During that time period, red and brown colored leather was used for designing funky bracelets that were worn in combination with chains and amulets, by hippies, rock stars, celebrities and roaming tribal people. With the advent of retro culture, people have started adopting this fashion with open arms.

Earlier, men were crazy about putting on simple, smooth and tough looking large sized leather bands on their hands. However, as new trends were developed, dull looking leather was brightened up by adding shiny metallic touch it. One such recent invention was introduction of gold and silver bracelets that were studded with gem stones. Online stores became the first ever distributors of this funky looking bracelet. Thanks, to the fast internet technology, this wristband became popular among teens who could easily acquire them by logging on to websites and typing “silver bracelet men”.

The prime reasons behind immense popularity of online accessory store were unlimited stocks, availability of great variety and presence of all the brands on a single platform. Some couple of months back, this leather-metal combination was chucked off and a new concept of wrapped wristbands was sought. The discovery of leather wrap bracelets is credited to the ancient Egyptian civilization because the idea was derived from ancient excavations. Do you remember Cleopatra’s solid 24 carat gold arm band? Well, it was considered to be the mother of wrap bracelets at least.

Ancient Egyptian fashion was blended with contemporary arts and additional objects like threads, beads, nuts, spikes, nuts, blocks, buttons and rings were added to create wrapped bracelets for teenagers. Lately introduced pieces comprise of interwoven denim and leather bracelets of two different colors.

After undergoing several modifications, the conventional leather bands were blended with different materials to create new wristbands each time. Nowadays, popular accessory brands like Shoppers Stop, Calvin Klein, Diesel and others provide you the provision of refining your choice. Men can personalize their bracelets in terms of color, strap size, strap width or additional of extra stuffs. You can create your own personalized leather bracelets by applying creative ideas and playing around with stuffs!

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