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The P1 Premier Pen on Kickstarter


P1 Premier Pen Capped

The P1 Premier Pen is another Kickstarter Project that was brought to my attention by the founder of the project, Steve.  Before I get started here you can also check out the review that Brad over at The Pen Addict did, but keep in mind the giveaway there has ended.


P1 Premier Pen Uncapped

The P1 Premier is a premium body made specifically for the Pilot Hi-Tec C refill that is constructed from  super strong and light weight solid block of aluminum.  The cap and the screw on the back of the pen that allows you to insert the refill are tightly fitted and threaded in a way that highlights the fact that they are all cut from the same block of aluminum as previously mentioned.


P1 Premier Pen Cap Close Up

Here is a quick close up of the cap that twists right onto the body.  You can also see how thick the aluminum is by looking at the edges of the cap.


The P1 Premier Pen Broken Down

Putting the refill into the P1 Premier was actually much easier than I thought it would be.  When I first saw the rounded cap on the back end (the smaller of the two black pieces in the photo above) I thought it would be impossible to get a good grip on it and twist it, but it couldn’t have been easier.  The Hi-Tec-C refill slides in and out easily, and the back cap goes back on just as smoothly as it came off.

I have not had a ton of time to spend writing with this pen, but I can tell you that the construction seems incredibly solid with what seems like no extra play between any of the fitted pieces.  Writing with the pen was very comfortable, which again was another surprise.  I thought with the lack of grip and no tapered shape, it would be hard to hold and write with, but this was definitely not the case.  My only small gripes with the pen are the lack of clip and lack of ability to post the cap, however these are more personal preferences than anything and there are plenty of people that would have no issue with this.  Overall the P1 Premier Pen is a solid pen body that makes for a great way to upgrade the writing experience of one of the smoothest and popular gel ink refills that comes in a variety of colors and tip sizes.  This is a great little investment that I’m sure anyone could get a ton of use out of.

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