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The Perfect Pen Case from Kickstarter


Alicia Klein Pen Holder

Lately Kickstarter has been full of new and innovative pens, but one thing that has been lacking is a good pen case.  Designer Alicia Klein has filled that void though with the introduction of her Perfect Pen Case.  I have to say the name alone makes marketing sense if you are targeting people looking for the perfect pen case.


Alicia Klein Pen Holder Standing

This design from Alicia Klein is pretty unique in that it has three storage pockets that can each comfortably hold two pens, so it gives you storage space for about 6 pens.  When viewed from above, the pen case has a pinwheel look to it, and the geometric design that is printed on the 100% Italian cow hide leather.  The pen case measures 7″ long and each pocket is 1 1/2″ inches wide, with the entire with measuring 3 1/4″ wide.


Alicia Klein Pen Holder Snaps

Of the three compartments on the perfect pen case, one of them snaps shut at the top and the bottom which makes it convenient to hold pens that may not have a clip, or you could also put other accessories in there like a tube of eraser replacements or extra pen refills or pencil leads.  The quality of this Kickstarter item seems to be on par with something you would find in an upscale leather shop, and all of the seams and stitching appear to be sturdy and look like they will hold up well.  There is no way this thing will fall apart on you, thats for sure.

This project only has a few days left, so if you are interested in this unique pen case, you should head on over to the project page on Kickstarter and support Alicia and her unique pen case.

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