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The Pilot G2 Limited with Extra Fine Refills


Giving the Pilot G2 Another Try with the G2 Limited

After trying the regular Pilot G2 and not being thrilled with it, I decided Id give the Pilot G2 Limited a try to see if I liked the different and higher end body style any better. I also swapped out the .7mm ink cartridge with the Pilot G2 Extra Fine Refills ,which are .5mm based on comments from my original Pilot G2 Review.


The Pilot G2 Limited on Display

When I got the Pilot G2 Limited in the mail from OfficeMax I was a little surprised because the image showed a mostly black pen, (which visually is my preference) however the version that was sent was mostly white and silver.  For the most part this doesn’t bother me because I was really focused on the performance of the pen rather than the aesthetics because of how popular the G2 is.

The first thing I noticed about the Pilot G2 Limited was that it was noticeably heavier than the standard G2, which isn’t a surprise because of the significant amount of metal that the pen is made up of.  The components of the body are quite similar to the standard G2.  The body is slightly longer on the G2 Limited, and the rubber grip is also slightly thicker, which in my theory should make for a better writing experience.  Now notice I said “in theory” back there because as much as I keep trying to give the Pilot G2 a chance, I just can’t get to a point where I truly enjoy writing with it.


Pilot G2 Limited Clip Comparison

The biggest issue I have with the G2 Limited is that the clip is also one of the components that is slightly bigger than it is on the standard G2.  You might ask “why does this guy care about how big the clip is?” and I promise you there is a very good answer, at least for me.  The issue I have is that the added length of the clip is that as I write, I tend to rotate the pen in my hand, and more often than not, I find the end of the clip (which also flares out a bit) rubs against the bottom knuckle of my index finger and is very irritating.  I guess it probably sounds nit-picky, and like Im trying not to like the G2, and quite honestly I was thinking the same thing so I grabbed a few of my other pens to compare the clips.  What I found was that while some pens that I really like do have clips that are similar in length, but because the end of the G2 clip flares out a bit, it aggravates the situation and becomes irritating.  Someone with larger or smaller hands, or someone who isn’t as big of a baby as me might not have a problem with this situation, but for me this was totally a deal breaker.


Pilot G2 .5mm and .7mm writing sample

Next up was the writing sample.  Many of my fantastic readers left comments about two things on the original Pilot G2 review, first was that the .5mm version wrote much better than the .7mm and also hat there are sometimes issues with consistency between the ink cartridges.  Personally I did not find much if any difference between the .7mm and .5mm versions of the refills, but I did try them both in the writing sample above.  I’m pretty convinced that with the number of folks who swear by these pens, there must be a bunch out there that write really well, but so far I just have not been lucky enough to get any of them.   For me, I think I’m done with the Pilot G2 line for good, because I feel like I’ve put a lot of effort into trying to like this pen, but it clearly isn’t for me.  Obviously there are a ton of other people who really enjoy the G2, and I’m happy for them, but I’m just thankful that there are many other options out there for me that I really like.

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