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The popular and innovative costumes on halloween

  • By Griselda Starcher
  • Published 03/10/2011
  • Article Writing

Halloween is always the annual festival for kids, and for adults who are interested in dressing up and attending those weird Halloween parties. As a custom, children dress up as superheros, fairies or animal to ask for candies on this day, and it is also the only chance in a year for adults to dress up as whoever they want. There are some classic characters that people always love to become on Halloween. The most popular costume must be vampires. I guess part of the reason that misterious vampires are very welcomed are due to the popular movies like Twilight. Cowboys and cowgirls are also this year’s trend. The classic plaid shirts with jeans, a big cowboy hat with scarves and boots: the charming image of cowboys and girls are many people’s favor. For this year, many boys dress up as zombies for Halloween, and many of them are fans of the movie Residental Evil. For girls, Indian princess costume is pretty popular, so we can look forward to see many cute Indian girls with leather dress, leather boot and bead jewelries in Halloween parties. People also like to create their own charaters instead of the pre-existing ones. Many people like to make their own costumes: some find out their old shirts and pants and cut them into weird pieces to create their desired shapes, or some people just sew new ones. In the end, they put on some headdresses and masks to make themselves a creation that is new for the world. Some people become monsters that no one knows their names, some become nameless fairies or animals, others even dress up as aliens. In a word, Halloween is the day to show someone’s creativity. If you can come up with more ideas for dressing up than others, then you are the star of the Halloween party!



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