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The Power of a Sales Copywriter

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 12/1/2009
  • Copywriting

A Sales Copywriter is the person responsible for writing all types of media to promote a product, service, company or even an individual. The power of a copywriter lies in their ability to write compelling “copy” or text that is used in advertisements, jingles, press releases, sales letters and websites to make readers want to know more or buy the product. “Good copy” makes for better sales, which in turn makes for more business and revenue. Copywriting is more than just describing a product or a company. It is an art. It is also a fundamental part of the Internet. Websites are not just about the html programming and the pretty colors. Website owners rely on copywriting to lead traffic to their site and keep readers interested enough to stay there. Without a good sales copywriter, most sites would be shut down. This is because people surfing the Web are looking for quick answers to their questions and won’t stay on a particular webpage too long if they aren’t caught up in what they are reading. Compelling copy is one that gets the message across to the reader as well as keeps their interest. It must be done in a way that the audience is almost hypnotized. Effective sales copywriting sways the audience in the direction the writer wishes. It engages the reader and has them clicking on the site over and over again to learn more.

If you are selling a product, sales c

opywriters will pen (or type) a text that will convince the reader your product is a necessity and the best of its kind and they will purchase it. If you are promoting a business, people reading your copy will find the company the most reliable or efficient and will give them their business. When promoting an individual, the audience will perceive them as true experts in their field and will look up to them. The true power of the sales copywriter, however, is to do this without being obvious or tacky. Thus, sales copywriting leads to decision-making for readers and customers. “With great power comes great responsibility,” a phrase to remember when working as a Sales Copywriter. A successful campaign, article, press release, etc. makes business boom and will get rave reviews for the company and the copywriter. On the other hand, it will get them fired (not always, but most of the time) if it fails. So, when you start thinking of getting into the business of being a Sales Copywriter, you need to realize the burden that will be on your shoulders.

However, it is not an impossible task, once you learn how to do it right. It is important you don’t venture into the world of copywriting without some previous training, formal or not. Not everyone is born with a natural talent for putting a bunch of words together that flow well and convince potential clients. As we mentioned earlier, it is an art, and one that requires careful study. But once you’ve mastered the art, the results will be truly rewarding.



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