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The power of Lynx Africa is still strong

  • By Charlie Browning
  • Published 01/16/2013

If you are currently in your late 20s or early 30s, you will no doubt be aware of the power that Lynx Africa held over young lads in the late 90s. If you weren’t absolutely dousing yourself with the stuff after PE or games when you were in year 11, you were nobody. And now, as I’ve just discovered, the reason for that is the fact that it’s actually really nice!

Girls used to go wild for it at my school (OK, not specifically with me, mostly the ones that were really good at rugby), but even so, the obviously sweet notes of the Lynx Africa aroma was the thing that most lads at my school tried to use to woo the ladies, mostly with inexplicably positive results.

And now, as I’ve discovered recently, Lynx Africa is still going strong with a whole range of products dedicated to you smelling like the ladies’ man you are with a body spray, antiperspirant spray, stick and roll on, as well as a shower gel and an aftershave!

So what keeps the alluring aroma of Africa firmly in the number one spot of Lynx’s bestselling scents (it’s been that way for well over a decade, so I’d like to think I was a bit of a trend setter)? For me, personally, I think it’s accessibility and no nonsense approach the product takes to making the masses smell great. The classic fragrance comes from an exotic mixture of warm African spices and aromas that Lynx say is designed to keep you cool even in the hottest situations.

Personally I can’t argue with that, it’s been serving me brilliantly since I started using it all those years ago – I have a girlfriend now and everything.

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