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The Power of the Press Release

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/14/2010
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One of the most basic and most important service that a public relations firm offers is the press release. Press releases are written for the purpose of sending out the press or to the media to make known to the public, the latest changes and developments there are in the company or institution. In short, the press release is a written announcement issued to different mediums (from traditional to new media) that aims to draw attention from the public to the company’s latest developments. Other than the news of whatever new product or event and any other development the company may have, it is also important to include details of your company such as where you are located as well as who to contact for added information and possible interviews. These two details, along with the date of the press release should be found on the top of the press release. The main body of the press release should include the basic who, what, where, when, why and how questions that should answer most of the public’s concerns. For example, in a press release regarding the opening of a new restaurant, it is important to note down where the event was held, when it was held, who were the people in attendance, why the event was held and all the other details that deliver the news about the event at the same time enticing readers to come and visit the newly opened restaurant. After all, the goal of the press release is to help companies acquire more clients and followers.

The press release is written by a member of the PR firm who was present at the event to provide the public with the proper and detailed information on the event. They are then sent out to partner media publications such as magazines and newspapers. The press release is then condensed by an editorial

staff member at the said partner publication. But not all press releases are condensed. Depending on the agreement between the PR firm and the publication, the event featured in press release may be included in the ”events” page of the publication, specifically included in the lifestyle sector. Quotes from top executives or from top level employees involved in the launch or the event are also helpful to the journalists or writers in charge of condensing the press release to be included in the publication they work for. Also, for journalists who wish to acquire more information and write a separate article on the product or newly opened restaurant, for example, mentioned in the press release, the contact information or the employee information included in a press release will allow these journalists to easily contact people involved in the company (who launched the product or event) and or the PR firm for added contact information. For PR firms, making a company or a product look good is not their only concern. They of course also have to make themselves known to the public and possibly future clientele. So at the end of each press release, PR firms include a short paragraph giving the readers a short insight describing the company, its core business as well as the location of the office. Some companies even include an approximate employee count to their press release as well as a stock symbol, if applicable and date the company was established. Just like all their other clients, PR firms include, towards the end of the press release, an explanation as to why you deserve their services. The press release is truly a dynamic tool in improving the visibility of a company. Not only are PR firms able to disseminate essential information to the public about their client, the press release also helps improve the reputation of the PR firm as well and in the process garner more clients.



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