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The Product Creation Process: Locate a Hungry Niche to Write Your Ebook

  • By Paula Brett
  • Published 05/29/2008
  • Non-Fiction

The secret to building real wealth from online businesses is to create multiple streams of income sending money every day, every week, or every month, into your bank account. Those wealthy entrepreneurs you read about everywhere create multiple streams of income and put them all on autopilot. Most Internet gurus make their money selling information products online. Those products are more often than not ebooks but can be, videos, audio interviews, short reports, ecourses, articles or any other source of information you can think of. Millions of people search the Internet every day to find specific information they need. The reasons for this need for information are as varied as grains of sand on any beach. Niche markets exist for almost any hobby, pastime, business, sport or activity you can name. Those markets are full of members who are hungry for new, targeted information specific to their niche. Fill that need and you have an income stream that could become endless. Of course, when you start out to follow the well-beaten path to product creation success, there is one important task that you need to complete before you write one word. You need a topic, or niche. This is where many potential eBook authors give up. They simply don’t know how to find a niche. But it’s not as difficult as it at first seems. * First, make a list of subjects that interest you. Don’t edit the list, just write your interests down quickly. When you have that done, sort the list into specific groups, if you have varied interests, by putting your favorites at the top and working down. * Next start searching for niches that match your interests with any search engine. Start with broad subjects and narrow the list with more specific subjects until you have the best niche matches for each one of your interests. What you’ve accomplished with this task will become the major focus of your ebook marketing strategy. In the first place, you’ve identified the subjects of your first few ebooks with your sorted list of interests. You’ve discovered your selling market…niche sites with targeted members waiting to buy your products. Since locating hungry niche markets will be an ongoing task in your product creation process, here’s a couple of strategies you can use to find as many niche markets that you will ever need.

Using these techniques should be a task you perform on a regular basis to keep y

our list of future ebook subjects current and your creative juices flowing. Booksellers: Take a trip to the book-selling mega-giant, Amazon, or any other large online book seller, to research popular niche subjects. Go to the site, select “books” in the search bar at the top of the page and type your niche subject in the right side of the search bar. Don’t assume that you are stealing ideas or doing anything illegal. Ideas cannot be copyrighted. They are free for the taking, regardless of what stimulates the idea in your creative brain. So, using a list of popular book titles on a specific subject to generate possible subjects and markets for your ebooks is not illegal, but a pretty smart way to quickly research your niche markets. If your subject search returns pages and pages of book titles, you have found a good focus for your ebooks and articles. If there’s only a few books available with your search, pick another topic. It’s simple marketing strategy…focus your efforts where you find the most interest in the subject…or sell what’s already selling! Magazines and Periodicals: Another technique is to be a sleuth in supermarkets, while you are buying groceries. Never leave the grocery store or drugstore without scanning the magazine racks. All those magazines are specifically focused on current and popular hot niche markets and are neatly arranged by current popular niche subjects…weddings, fitness, sports, computer technology, cooking, celebrity gossip, to name a few. Magazine publishers and stores do not waste time, money or counter space on dead subjects. The life span of a magazine is usually less than 30 days and has to sell quickly to return the income the publishers and the store owner wants. Article Directories: There are literally thousands of article directories freely available on the Web. Use any search engine and type in, “List: article directories” (no quotes) and feast your eyes on an almost endless source of niche ideas to keep your brain boiling. Just type in any niche subject in the search bar on any article site you like and you will have a huge list of resources for all the ideas you’ve been thinking about and probably several hundred more you never thought about. And it’s all free… These simple techniques are essentially the same technique used repeatedly in different places. Consider all these site destinations as FREE research tools to help you create products people actually want to buy.

Your purpose here is to create a large list of potential topics for your ebooks that you can research for popularity when you need to add content to your marketing arsenal and your websites.



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