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The Pros And Cons of Manmade Diamonds

There is a great debate going on about lab created diamonds and the real mined diamonds. Well there surely is some contrast between the two forms of diamonds however some facts shall be considered before reaching a final opinion. Here are some of the gathered points that would discuss the major pros and cons of the man made diamonds. Here are some arguments that support man made diamonds over.

·         Manmade diamonds are the real diamonds. This is not merely for marketing sake but has also been proved by the creators of lab diamonds. They have the same chemical composition as of the earth mined diamonds. Man made diamond is just as strong as real diamond with no difference in looks or shine.

·         Choosing lab created diamonds over earth mined diamonds will help preserve the earth’s natural resources.

·         Not only natural earth resources can be saved by choosing man made diamonds but also money in one’s pocket. Lab created diamonds though of same composition and structure are of significantly low price than mined diamonds. This is because the production of manmade diamond takes on only few days, a limited amount of heat and pressure whereas to dig up a mined diamond takes a larger span of time, cost and energy.  

·         The synthetic diamonds are more convenient to wear and use; unlike real diamonds the owner has a less fear of stealing.

·         The most fantastic thing about manmade diamonds is that they are customizable; one can choose his or her favourite shape, colour and size and all this with less amount of money.

So these were the prominent pros of synthetic diamonds; probably the above stated facts about lab created diamonds would help in making up the mind of diamond lovers. However to be truthful about our discussion, here are some possible cons of manmade diamonds:

·         lab created diamonds have yet not get GIA certification

·         Man made diamond tend to be less worthy when it comes to measurement in carats.

·         Because of the fewer prices paid for the synthetic diamonds some customers give less value to them. This response however is psychological because scientifically both the real and synthetic diamonds are the same.

·         It is an admitted fact that earth mined diamonds are naturally of more worth and attraction. As everybody know it takes years and years of geographical changes and heat and pressure to give birth to a natural diamond.

ManMadeLabDiamonds team acquired samples of every known lab-created diamond simulant on the market, then consulted with gemmologists and materials analysis labs. What we found was eye opening. Most had obvious shortcomings, some were impressive, but not to our standards. Knowing our clients’ demands for high quality, we knew we had to do better.


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