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The Pros and Cons of PLR

  • By Craig Michaels
  • Published 07/6/2009
  • Writing

Private Label Rights (PLR) offers content seekers a cost effective alternative to getting unique content. The downside to this is that anyone who buys the same PLR content as you also has access to the same content you have. In this article I will discuss the pros and cons of PLR and what you can do about it. PROS: *Cost Effective Because PLR content is custom-written and then sold to a group of people the PLR distributor is able to make a profit and the group of people buying the content are getting it for dirt-cheap. This makes PLR content a very cost effective solution for your content needs. *Unique Content If your PLR distributor is any good (like us :P) then the content you receive should only be given to you and the group of buyers. This allows PLR content to be unique to only a select few individuals. PLR is effective because it saves you time from writing your own content *Exclusivity PLR content is popular because it’s only given to a select group of people. If you use free content found on the internet, everybody and their mother has access to it. PLR content is usually exclusive, only given to a select few individuals, and as a result all you need to do is tweak your content a little bit for it to look original. *All packaged and ready to go A lot of times in PLR packages you will get a complete mini site design, along with articles, keywords and more. This makes your PLR content ready-to-go out the box. CONS: *Can become saturated

If you use your PLR content the way it’s given to you the information will become old real quick. This is why it’s important to edit your PLR articles and content so that it remains unique. If you download PLR material and use it as is you’d be shooting yourself in the foot

because everyone else will be doing the same thing. *Hundreds of others may have the same content It’s really important when you buy your PLR content to make sure that your distributor has a sale limit – otherwise hundreds of other people may have your content – and that means more re-writing for you. I strongly suggest that EVERY single piece of PLR content you receive should be edited in some way, but the more people that have it – the EVEN more you have to edit it to the point where you could have just written the thing by yourself. *Needs to be edited/revised You will limit your profit potential if you use the PLR content the way it’s given to you. PLR should be used as a guide as your content, but not for the actual content yourself. Simple edits can be done to your content to make it unique and to serve your purposes, but if you don’t edit or revise the content your visitors will know this and you will hurt sales/conversions. Think of it like this, the more people that provide the same exact unchanged content on their websites and other products, the more the search engines will notice and not give credence to it. This is the type of competition you don’t want. If you do decide to use your PLR content as-is, not only will you have competition from clones, you will have to lower the price of your content in order to stay competitive with the others. This in essence, lowers the value of the content.

So there you have it. PLR content has it’s pros and cons and most of them are inter-related. The main pros of PLR content is that you have custom content ready to use at your disposal. The main con of PLR content is that this content is shared with others and it’s not exclusive to you. That means it’s really important to edit your PLR files to suit your needs. PLR can be a cost-effective solution for your content needs, but it shouldn’t be your CONTENT the way as it is, tweak it to suit your purposes and you will profit greatly 🙂



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