The Pros and Cons of Public Schools

All children are welcome to attend public schools. Some parents opt to send their child to a private school. They often believe their children will receive a higher quality education in a safer learning environment at a private school. Of course, many other parents send their children to public schools with good results.

There are pros and cons of public schools. One advantage of public school is that there is no tuition. Parents pay school taxes, however they would be paying these taxes whether or not they had children attending public schools. Many parents cannot afford to pay the tuition for private school options.

Public schools provide high achievers with more of a challenge if they want to attend Ivy League schools. These challenges can be turned into an advantage for students who want to overcome the fact that they did not attend a fancy prep school or private school. Highly competitive schools often accept a large number of students from private schools. Therefore, students in public schools must work hard to stand out from the crowd. This hard work can result in students being highly successful in school and in life.

A public school provides students with the ability to learn about people of different backgrounds and cultures. Students receive an education in a school system filled with diversity. Public schools have students who are middle class and poor. There are students of all different ethnicities. Children have the opportunity to have a wide and diverse group of friends, which is often not the case in a private school.

Students do not have religious instruction in public schools.. This is a benefit for those who have their own beliefs and spirituality that do not fit into any one religion. It is also an advantage for students with a religious background different than the majority of other students. On the other side of the coin, this can be a disadvantage for families who want religion to be a part of their curriculum.

Public schools offer students a variety of coursework options to prepare for more than just college. Not everyone will attend college. Most public schools have career training curriculums as well as business oriented educational paths. Students who do not think they will attend college still have a variety of learning options in public schools. For students and families looking for an education to propel students to college and college only, public schools could be a disadvantage.

A common problem in public schools is that they often have too many students for a single teacher. Large class sizes present a challenge to students who need more specialized attention to learn their material. For students who learn better in a smaller classroom, it is advantageous to attend a private school where they can benefit from smaller classes with less students per teacher.

Some public schools are actually dangerous. There are schools in American where drugs and violence are a problem. Parents worry about the safety of their children if they attend these harsh schools. This is seldom ever a problem for students attending private schools.

Overall students can receive an excellent education in public schools. Many students go on to attend excellent colleges. For instance, there have been many doctors, lawyers and successful business men and women who have graduated from public schools.


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