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The R4 phenomenon

In the year 2004, the gaming industry saw the start of a new era as Nintendo launched its DS handheld gaming console. The following years has seen launch of many upgraded models like- The DSi, Ds lite, or the latest 3D supported Nintendo 3DS.  The Nintendo DS is the highest selling handheld console of all time. However, to fully enjoy the amazing gaming and multimedia action offered the DS console series, buying only the console itself is not enough.  You need to buy another device that was also launched in the year 2004 to   compliment the great Nintendo DS- the R4 card.

This card is part storage device, part adapter. In each DS console, there is space dedicated to game cards, one such card is the R4.  The DS has very little default memory capacity which takes away its multimedia applications such as music and video. Also you could store many games at the same time, ruining the gaming experience as well. The R4 cards increase the DS’s memory capacity. If you use these cards you will be able to store quite a few games on your console at the same time. Not to mention, with the enhanced storage, you now can store your favorite songs and videos on you console and carry them anywhere with you.  Without a good gaming card, you will never be able to unlock the true potential of an excellent device such as the Nintendo DS.

The R4 card needs to be paired with a micro SD memory card that is inserted into the R4. If you are wondering why the Micro SD card is not directly put into the DS, then the answer is, there is no slot for the micro SD card in the Nintendo DS. Once a micro SD memory card is inserted in an R4, it is ready to use. All data is stored in the Micro SD memory card while the other parts of the R4 cards work as adapter and help in exchanging data to and from the DS consoles. The micro SD memory card can come with various capacities – from 2 GB to 64 GB. For average gamers the lower capacity Memory cards are perfect, but for those to whom gaming is like religion, high capacity card are more suitable. You can purchase the two items separately or together. There are many offers available on the internet, where you get to buy the R4 card and the Micro SD memory card together, at discounted prices.

The R4s has many variations. Each is designed to work with a particular model of the DS console. For example, the R4 3DS is specifically built for the Nintendo 3DS. Other R4 cards will not work on the 3Ds console.  Since its launch, the R4 card and many incarnations has attained global popularity among Nintendo gamers. There are counterfeit R4 game cards in the market, which are cheaper but are poor in performance and hardly, last long enough. Therefore buy your R4 card carefully.

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