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The Real Benefits Of Article Writing

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 03/26/2009
  • Article Writing

Certain aspects are clear though in terms of article writing and submission, whether you conduct this writing for professional marketing reasons or not. Three major factors that are influenced by writing, as well as the value of a website as seen by the search engines is that of content, relevancy and popularity. The content of a website is boosted by the articles submitted due to the links that are generated by the article, situated in the various directories, which are literally pointing to the website that is promoted via the author’s bio at the end of the written piece of material. This should also be an important reminder that the content should be relevant and valid, as this is a reflection on your business in terms of what is stated in the article. The concept of the content is extremely important, and so is the relevancy of the articles and the physical content on the website to the chosen field or subject of expertise. This relevancy and content should be updated on a regular basis, as the search engines that are indexing and crawling your site, as well as the submitted articles love the fact that new information is there to process.

This brings us to the fact that the process of article writing and subsequent submission is not a

once off or overnight affair, but must rather be approached from the point that you should submit consistently for quite a while to increase the popularity of your articles and the site in general. Obviously if you are just writing the article as a once off to share your experience or knowledge then this would not really be of importance to you, but in the case of using this as a marketing tool then consistency, and ongoing determination will be key to your success. One could consider the use of article writing software, although you might find that this removes the human element and sometimes the validity of the content, as some of the available software really does not do the service or product being written about much service, and one can see that it has been written on an automated basis. If you are considering article writing as a marketing tool, you would be better off seeking a writer or doing the writing yourself of these articles and not that of software.

Article writing is a valid marketing tool for the internet marketer, however it is a timely process that will take a while before the true benefits of the process are revealed. Bear in mind that this does take time and remain steadfast in your campaign to boost your site in terms of both content as well as the resulting link popularity that will result from the article writing and submission efforts.



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