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The Real Magic of Article Marketing

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 04/2/2008
  • Article Writing

Getting wide distribution of SEO articles is an important factor in article marketing. It’s not the end when you submit an article to a directory. With the right focus and a little luck, it is just the beginning. The real magic of articles is not just about posting them to a zillion article directories. It’s about making sure those articles are getting picked up and used in newsletters and e-zines this is where the magic starts. As the piece finds its way in front of the eyes of people who are already engaged in your target market, that’s when the magic begins. Sounds great, but how you do it? Aside from following the publisher’s guidelines, there are a few other specific ways to maximize article distribution and achieve success in article marketing. Load Your SEO Article with Good Information It may seem more like common sense than article marketing skills, but it’s important when submitting articles to directories to ensure that articles are filled with good information. Publishers look for high quality SEO articles for their sites, newsletters, e-zines, blogs and reprint article directories. They want new information. They want information presented in an interesting way. They want SEO articles that focus on a specific topic. Learn What Publishers Do and Don’t Want

Publishers who search article distribution sites for quality SEO articles are not looking for the same old story they’ve read a hundred times over. They aren’t looking for heavy sales pitches. They aren’t looking for articles that are littered with self-serving links. And they certainly aren’t looking for copy and pasted

articles, incorrect information, poorly written articles, SEO articles that are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors or articles that really have nothing to say. The thing is, you may be working for yourself and choosing what you want to write about, however, if you don’t give publishers what they want. Submit quality SEO articles to directories to avoid comletely missing the boat. The whole magic of article marketing is to attract the attention of many publishers to achieve wide distribution of your articles. The Magic of Article Distribution Writing articles and submitting them to directories is a terrific way to get word out about a website or product. You will generate many back links to your site by following article submission guidelines to maximize the number of people who see your articles. You may submit an article to a zillion article directories, but if the articles are tightly focused, aren’t informative SEO articles or are poorly written, few publishers will copy and paste your article from the directory. The goal of article marketing isn’t to submit as many articles as you can to directories. An article directory is not the end user for quality articles. It is just the beginning. Once your article catches the eye of many different types of publishers, from e-zines and newsletters to blogs and websites that is when the magic begins. When your article is placed on the right site in front of targeted readers, it takes your article marketing success to a whole new level.

Writing articles for article distribution sites alone is ineffective. The purpose of article submissions is to provide high-quality SEO articles that will attract the attention of many publishers to spread the word about your site to targeted customers.



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