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The Role of a Fire Investigator during a Fire Investigation

Fire investigators have numerous responsibilities to fulfill and their job role does not only include investigating a fire scene. Obviously, carrying out investigations is their primary responsibility. However, there are other aspects of their profession that are as important as investigating an accident or crime scene. Fire investigators are public service employee and they generally work for a particular jurisdiction. They may choose to work for a township, city or county. When there is a fire, the investigator is called to the scene. However, they won’t be taking part in rescuing or extinguishing the fire. In fact, their job begins once the fire is extinguished.

Once the fire has been extinguished, the investigator will have to determine what might have caused the fire. Like a coroner is responsible for determining the cause of death, a fire investigator determines the cause of the fire. By the examining the scene well, the investigator will first locate the source of the fire and then determine whether it was caused accidentally or intentionally.

In case if investigation leads to the discovery that the fire was arson (causing the fire intentionally), her job will be to find out any evidence that ca be used for determining what and who might have caused the fire and how they did it. Determining these factors are extremely important since filing a case won’t be possible without the evidence. The scene of arson is also considered to be a crime scene and the investigator may have to work with a group of people and together they would complete the investigation. Investigating an accidental fire is a lot easier and faster than investigating the scene of arson. In case of accidental fire, no criminal cases will be filed and the investigator will provide the property owner a written report. The owner will then present that report to the insurance company.

Apart from determining what caused the fire, the fire safety expert may also be involved with teams that inspect public facilities. There are certain laws regarding fire and every business is responsible for abiding by the laws. That is why certain authorities carry out inspection every year for making sure that the laws are being followed. In the small rural towns, an investigator may also have to play the dual role of an inspector. However, in the urban cities, investigators may also assist inspectors.

These were just some of the few responsibilities of a fire investigator. This is a challenging industry and the professional may have to put himself out there for reaching success.

About the Author –

George Steven is a freelance writer and his area of interests and expertise lies in forensic science and accident or crime scene investigation related matters. George has his own blogs and websites where he discusses about various aspects of the fire safety expert.


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