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The same day, prince william kate spent four hours at home

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/3/2011
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Prince William wedding on Friday, all preparatory work is currently countdown. The workers have begun to decorate the Cocktail Dresses venue of Westminster Cathedral. Kate Middleton when the bride arrived at the church in the rear, will be decorated with the royal domain through a collection of various flowers in the tree-lined corridor. Yesterday, about 1,000 British soldiers from before dawn to start rehearsals, the wedding day to ensure that everything is under control. 26, workers began moving to various kinds of trees in Westminster Cathedral. Wedding ceremony, the bride Kate Middleton will be built through an artificial tree-lined corridor.6 trees moved into the church, up to 6 meters: Kate the total weight of the trees scheduled over 4 tons, including 20 feet high tree, in a bid to create a Westminster Cathedral school of lush English garden scene. Because trees are tall, the workers spent in handling a half hours before the church moved into a tree.

According to Flower Hill Enke Norian designer introduced the church will be placed six cork maple, each tree pots are customized. The cost of the entire project is expected to more

than 50,000 pounds, is not, as envisaged in the royal family before the “simple.” The design of tree-lined corridor proposed by the Conolly, Kate likes the idea, she agreed to decorate the trees can still be transported elsewhere after transplantation. In addition to these trees outside the church will also have a large number of white flowers decorate.Kate receives a mysterious package: the workers busy at the same time, newcomers and their families have not been idle. Prince William was witnessed leaving Kate’s home, his home, Kate spent the Easter holidays just past. 24, William to Kate home for lunch, he also brought players a mysterious brown package. William personally handed over the parcel Kate. Princess has waited at home near the quasi-journalists are wondering, there is installed in the end is a special Vintage Wedding Dresses gift, or an ordinary Easter chocolate.The same day, Prince William Kate spent four hours at home, I believe they are talking about a lot of issues about the Winter Wedding Dresses preparations. 26, drove with her sister Pippa Kate to leave their homes, due to be held before the wedding she will stay in Goring Hotel in London, which may be her last to leave their homes as civilians.



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