The Search For Environmentally Friendly Packaging


Authored by Sama Fazal in Environment
Published on 01-16-2009

With growing awareness of the dangers Mother Earth faces today, many people are looking to go green with their paper goods and packaging materials. The biggest concern about packaging materials is the material used inside of the box. Many companies today still use Styrofoam packaging which is not really the ideal choice.

One of the best environmentally friendly options is paper nuts. These are actually made with recycled materials and once any type of moisture hits them they will start to breakdown. These are a great choice when you are shipping packages as they provide cushion for the product inside and also protect against vibration. Other products that are environmentally friendly are corrugated boxes. Many companies actually use corrugated boxes that are safe and environment friendly and they are 100% recycled. You can also get different types of loose fill other than the paper nuts. You will find that many companies offer a variety of products that are recycled and bio-degradable.

There are also recyclable bags for your groceries, storage for foods and your household goods. With a little bit of research, you will be able to find many different companies that can provide you with environmentally friendly packaging products for your use. Did you know that you can even get bio-degradable egg trays for your eggs at home? Other great tips on finding environmentally friendly packaging can be found right in your own home. If you are shipping a package out, shred some old paper to use as your stuffing. This can be recycled after its use and is safer for the environment. With a little creativity and imagination you can create attractive envelopes, gift boxes and packaging boxes out of waste and recyclable material.

Another great packing idea is to use packing peanuts made of cornstarch. They will protect your precious items and will wash away with a little water. If someone sends them to you in a package, you can put them outside and let the wild critters make a home out of them. Or, you can simply wash them down the drain. Either way, they are safe for the environment. You can also use dry pine cones or even air popped pop corn. Either one of these is a great idea for holiday packing. After you are done using them, throw them outside for the birds or use them as decoration especially if you use the pine cones.

If you cannot think of better ways of packaging, there are so many different wonderful ideas that you can get from searching through the various websites on the internet that talk about safe and environment friendly packaging. Going green is a popular option today not just with individuals but with large corporate houses as well. You can buy recyclable packaging in bulk or even in smaller quantities depending on your requirement. They are reasonably priced and you will be doing the world and yourself a favor by switching over to more safer, easy to use and recyclable, environmental friendly products.


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