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The Secret To Good Article Writing

  • By Allen Jesson
  • Published 03/23/2008
  • Article Writing

But is the article writing job really for you? Just because you are a good writer does not mean that it is. Read on to see if you should pursue it, or find another niche. Of course, you can always use article writing to create e-books, which can be given away or sold. You can also spin short stories into worthy articles. You can use your creative impulse to weave some magic and entertainment into your articles. You will find that you can also appeal to a wider audience by using a story telling technique, children especially love a good story. As a writer, you can imagine that I love the fact that my children are interested in the arts and literature. Here are a few tips for good article writing: Keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Your article needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Most articles will be between four hundred and six hundred words long. NO errors. Spelling mistakes are simply not accepted. If you’re a freelance writer looking for work, many times you’ll see job ads that ask for writing samples. Well what better way to get in some practice and good exposure than write a few articles on writing?

To Start

Writing is also a great tip. It is so easy to come up with an excuse to NOT write. But once you are seated, you will find it is easier than you thought. Don’t worry too much about the quality initially, the important thing is get something down on paper. You can always tidy up things later. People don’t necessarily write about something because they understand it already. They often start writing about something because they want to understand it, and the process of writing is what brings about their understanding. Why not start article writing today and improve your thinking skills by writing? Save photos or clip pictures from magazines. One way to start writing is to view something that gives you a scene or some action that will lead to a story. Make a list of the stories that you most like. Start with any story you really like, and think about how you could weave that into an article. Then start writing and see if the article “grabs” you. Bible stories have been successfully retold a hundred ways in books and movies, under many titles. Why not find a formula you like, which has been proven to work, and write your own updated version?

Oh yes, by now you may be asking, what is The Secret To Good Article Writing? Well, it is simple really, sit down and write them.



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