The Secrets Of How To Be Sexy All The Time


Authored by Marius Preda in Fashion and Beauty 
Published on 11-30-2008

Everybody wants to be called sexy – especially women. They work very hard to maintain a slim figure so that they can wear skimpy and tight-fitting clothes. But if you think that being sexy means showing a lot of skin, you are making a big mistake. Even if you are covered from head to toe, you can still ooze with sexiness. Have you ever seen plus-sized women carrying themselves in a sexy way? This proves that being sexy is more of a mind-set than a physical attribute.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the definition of sexiness. Some say that you need to have the body of a model, and perform a perfect cat walk every time. To the majority however, being sexy is a frame of mind. When you think that you’re sexy, your thoughts and actions will align and other people will think of you as sexy too.

Of course you need to work on your appearance a little bit. Can you find a sexy hair style that can fit the shape of your face? Can you style it to highlight your best features? It would also be better if you will learn how to apply make-up and it has to look very natural and flawless. Yes, looking good all the time takes work. But putting in a little bit of extra effort will go a long way so you can look your best. It will definitely make you feel special if you start receiving compliments from other people or your special someone.

Wear clothes that would complement your figure. No, you don’t need to wear super mini skirts or plunging necklines. Even a high-buttoned long-sleeved dress will look sexy if it fits into your body properly. You just have to avoid wearing loose clothes or an outfit that is so unflattering.

Actually, your under wear could make you look and feel sexy too. A bra that creates cleavage and lifts your bust will make you look like Marilyn Monroe. Or a thong that fits perfectly would improve the shape of your buttocks and make you feel good all day. Now all you have to do is slip on some high heels and you have completed your look.

But even if you spend many hours to look good, you will not bag the sexy title if you do not include poise and mild demeanor when you move. Being sexy also means having the posture and confidence about your self-worth. This is so attractive to the opposite sex. Always remember to put your chin up when you talk to people.

Improve how you walk and stand. Never slouch or put your head down when you meet others. It is best to observe the people that you respect and admire. Watch how they carry themselves and duplicate it. Practice in front of the mirror and in time you will be like them too.

Have you ever seen a woman who carries herself in a confident way? Her body might not be perfect, yet you might wonder “What is it about that girl, what makes her so sexy?” This is because being sexy is an attitude. Feel beautiful and sexy all the time and other people will notice it too.


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