The Secrets of Increasing Blog Subscribers


Authored by Kumara Velu in Blogging 
Published on 01-20-2009

It takes only minutes to start a blog. What’s difficult is to draw readers and get them to subscribe to your blog. Here are tips you can use to increase your blog subscriber base, albeit on a gradual basis.

Blog on a Specific Niche

Avoid having a single blog that covers everything from technology to automobiles and world news. Focus on a niche and narrow it down further so that you can offer great information for your readers. If you are planning to run a blog on writing, make it specific. Do a blog on web writing or creative writing for housewives.

Check out other blogs in your niche. Ask yourself if you can offer something different from the rest. It doesn’t have to be entirely original content but a fresh angle to a familiar subject will help.

Offer a Freebie

Appreciate your readers by offering a free report or an ebook. Include your blog URL in the report and encourage them to pass the report to others. If you have valuable information in your report or ebook, readers may want to check out what else you have to offer in your blog. You may even want to offer a free monthly ezine to add more subscribers to your blog.

Contribute to Article Directories

One effective way to pull traffic to your blog is by contributing content to article directories. These directories draw heavy traffic owing to their massive content volume. Also, you get a backlink to your blog. Chances are your submitted article will rank high in the search engine ranking for your chosen keyword. Then there’s the likelihood of ezine publishers picking up your article, and with a link to your blog, you can expect more visitors.

Create a YouTube Video

This is a perfect way for your blog to get noticed. You don’t have to be a digital video expert to produce a YouTube video. Just use Windows Movie Maker and prepare a slide show on top tips relating to your subject. Don’t forget to include your blog URL at the beginning and the end of the video and also in the video description on the YouTube site.

Leave Comments in Related Blogs

Apart from making blog posts, you should also visit other blogs and leave comments. Most blogs allow you to leave your URL in the comment box. Your comments should contribute to the ongoing discussion. Display your best knowledge in the area of discussion. Chances are blog readers will be impressed with your information and may want to look up your blog out of curiosity.

Participate in Forums

This is an effective method to stamp your authority in your subject area. Most forums allow you to leave a link to your blog or website. Again make useful posts which will be of value to forum users. If possible, write a long, useful article. It may get into the `Sticky’ section and will be displayed on every page.

Offer Alternative Modes of Subscription

Apart from RSS, offer email subscriptions and opt-in forms for your subscribers to get fresh content from your blog. Place these subscription options in strategic locations in your blog.

Using these methods over time will move you closer to your goal of increasing your blog subscriber base.


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