The Secrets of Marketing on MySpace

Traffic is the key to a successful online business. You can have superb products and a state-of-the art website to market them, but you’ll get nowhere if you can’t get enough interested visitors to your site. There are many web traffic strategies available and one of them is to harness the power of online social networking to market your products or services.

MySpace is one of the most powerful social networking tools available over the Internet today. If you have a solid MySpace presence you could well be on your way to online marketing success like the X-Men 3 movie back in May 2006 which had over three million friends listed in its profile. You don’t need to fork out dollars to gain such a presence. All you have to do is work hard to provide something of value and establish trust in the MySpace community. Here are some pointers to use MySpace as an effective marketing tool.

Choose a Suitable Layout

An appropriate layout will determine whether visitors will be interested in linking up with you. The layout must reflect the personality you wish to project. It must be easy on the eye and have the necessary allowance to display all about yourself, your preferences, your videos and graphics to attract new friends to your page. You can always undertake research over the Net on MySpace business layouts to pick up a few ideas.

Choose Appropriate Friends

Since your idea of MySpace presence is to look for customers for your products, you should choose friends who have the needs and wants of your potential customers. If you’re selling shaving blades, you don’t include women or children as your friends.

Sweat On Your Profile

If possible, manage your profile on a daily basis. Show the community you really have the intention to network by posting comments, offering tips and allowing others to comment on your products, whether positive or negative. Speak your mind and project a magnetic personality to draw more friends.

Offer Free MySpace Layouts

One way of drawing more friends to your profile is by offering free downloads of MySpace layouts that feature your brand. Encourage friends to customize these layouts to their needs and recommend them to others. Before long, you’ll have a team or marketers working to promote your brand with no cost on your part.

Exploit MySpace Advertisements

MySpace ads work on a similar principle as Google’s Adsense. You buy advertising according to your budget which means it would not burn a hole in your pocket. You create compelling advertisements targeting it to a specific group of MySpace users whom you think will meet the profile of your target market.

If you don’t have the confidence of coming up with your own ads, you can use advertisement templates provided by MySpace. You can easily modify them to suit your taste. If your ads perform well and produce results, you can increase your budget for your next campaign.


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