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The Sense Of Passion In Love Letter Writing

  • By Bercle George
  • Published 04/2/2008
  • Writing

In my research and interviews with people, one of the most attractive ingredients in written communication which ‘sweeps the recipient off his or her feet”, so to say, is the effort put into developing the love letter. A true love letter is a refreshing way to express your love. This may allow feelings to be more easily shown than if the writer were in the beloved’s presence. The letter may describe what pleasures await when you next meet or feelings of love and tenderness. The pleasure of imagining different ways to write about your love and passion is just part of the joy. The decline of letter love writing,however, has interestingly lead to its effectiveness as a way to express love. A heartfelt letter from a man can mean so much more to a woman than just a bunch of roses, box of chocolates or a piece of jewelry. Some Tips For Love Letter Writing: -If a bit of romance is the order of the day, start your letter by using adjectives like darling, dear heart, my love. -Don’t underline or write any words in all caps; it’s like yelling.

-It won’t matter to your lover if your letter love writing skills are not up to par; he/she will see t

he thought. -Take the time to tailor your letter for the moment. -Spray the love letter with a light fragrance. -Never try to write a love letter when you’re in a bad mood, not only will it be more difficult to write but your bad vibes will make their way into the letter. -If you’re writing an erotic lover letter, talk about yourself as well. -Anytime you want to spice up your relationship is a great time for a love letter. -It’s a marvelous way to set the tone for moments of soft, sweet, loving time together. -Write a draft first. Remember those essay writing rules? Things To Consider In Writing: -Remember, There Are No Rules In A Love Letter – A love letter is an intimate conversation between two people and there are no rules to be abided by. -Surprise Your Partner – Surprise your partner by sharing something very intimate with her, that maybe you didn’t express in the past. -Clear your desk and your mind of distractions. -Overcoming Writer’s Block – For most people, the difficulty in letter-writing is the start and the close.

So, now that you have read some tips in writing a love letter, why don’t you write one for your loved one? Surely, he/she will appreciate the passion you have put on it.



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