The Seven Highest Potassium Rich Foods

Over the years, potassium rich foods have been studied relentlessly to find all the benefits available. Potassium itself is well known for working against high blood pressure as well as help the fight against strokes, diabetes, and many other issues. Below we have put together a list involving nine of the highest potassium rich foods around. Keep in mind they are in no particular order.


The next time you go to the market grab a few apricots along the way. These fruits have 1,380mg of potassium content when they are ready to eat. Keep in mind if you simply eat dried apricot pieces (this reduces the overall content) then it will not be considered one of the potassium rich foods that are out there today.


Another one of the potassium rich foods, raisins have been a great snack for many individuals over the years. They contain 1,020mg of potassium and can help your overall bone density. Other benefits include regulating the blood which is due to raisins being an antioxidant.

Soya Flour

If you are looking for a huge boost in your potassium levels, then add soya flour into your daily regimen. The next time you are cooking a meal add this to the mix and you could get 1,650mg of potassium. People primarily use it for gravy, baked foods or anything else you can substitute regular flour for in a recipe.

Black Treacle

The second highest of the potassium rich foods is black treacle. It is basically a syrup, but because of the strong nature people do not use it to pour over pancakes or waffles. Instead it is an added ingredient to many baked items giving off a caramel type aroma and flavor. Overall it carries 1,500mg of potassium.


White seedless grapes are very healthy for the body, but sultanas have the highest levels of potassium amongst them. In all there is 1,050mg available depending on your fruit intake. However, you can also find a saturated dose in some white wines made from the sultana grape.

Bran Wheat

A very important part of any diet, bran wheat contains 1,160mg of potassium. The first place most people believe they have had bran wheat is in muffins. While this is common, you can also add it to cereal, pancakes, and even cookies to get the daily amount you need.

Tomato Puree

The term tomato puree is used a lot in cooking methods as an in between stage of tomato sauce and tomato paste. While it is just another flavoring, most people who love tomato soup end using tomato puree as one of their ingredients. The good news is it has 1,150mg of potassium. This is one of the most overlooked potassium rich foods around.

Where is the Banana

Society has told us for years to eat the banana like there was no tomorrow because of its high source of potassium. However, you will only find about 400mg of potassium associated with this fruit. Even though this is based on potassium rich foods, we understand that some of these are ingredients. The best part about it is you can turn a meal into a barrage of potassium if you use everything correctly. It may be what you need to get the recommended daily dose.


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