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The skills of fashion and warm dressing in winter

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/19/2012

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How to dress in cold winter, today our wholesale clothing online shop will bring some pictures of the winter with a group of network beauty girl who demonstrates skills, so we can learn how to dress up in right way in there, now you should come here to study quickly.

Brick red jacket short ride were tall, dark leggings with shirt shorts choose dark colors, was thin, dark line of clothing, people with visual on it was thin feeling. In addition, a short jacket with shorts mix, also played the role of the elongated body proportions, so wear in winter, so easy was thin significantly higher.

Same color with classic and simple, is not good at color matching girls, you can choose the most simple yet stylish mix. Pink cotton jacket with pink plush clothing, super sweet, touching it. Pants, shoes, extra padding women who can choose to match the black pencil pants boots.

Most of the few extra pounds and women who shoulder too wide problem, it does not matter like this uniform wind coat jacket, large skeleton mm their savior. Cape-style design, to hide the specific shape of the shoulder, the hem loose board design, warm without significant fat it.

Washed-colored jacket, which Ling checkered sweater with denim shorts, especially the student gas, very mix by age. Pants gray leggings snow boots with fashion. In fact, with leather boots instead of snow boots, will be even more handsome, light it.

Monotonous, dreary winter color with a hit is benevolent. Pale pink cotton jacket with sweater scarf, creating a thick winter atmosphere.

Woolen models of dark blue jacket, the plush trim the exquisite design, fine and very stylish. Decorate claw clasp, also very lovely!

The elegant wedding dress, most people like the white rabbit fur trim design, because it is warm and easily withstand the cold winter. Compare with cotton jacket, woolen clothing is even more thin and is the preferred thing for fat girls in our wholesale clothing china online shop.

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