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The Staples Better Divider with Sliding Tabs


The Staples Better Divider with sliding tab

I usually enjoy a stop at my local Staples to see what kind of stuff they have, but as much as I love it there, they dont usually have what I consider to be really unique office supplies because they obviously need to cater to the larger market of folks who just need the basics.  I was surprised when I saw the better divider sitting on the shelf a few weeks ago when I stopped there, because it looked like such a great idea.

In the past Ive used the regular sets of dividers that have a fixed position tabs on them, and of course they work out fairly well, I mean they have probably sold hundreds of millions of sets of them by now, and you might look at them and think that they cant be improved.  Well, if thats what you thought, then you may have thought wrong because Staples has actually managed to add new functionality to divider tabs.  These heavy duty plastic dividers with tabs work just like any other tabbed divider, but instead the tabs are built into a small track that runs along the top and outside edge of the divider, and the tab itself slides up and down through the track.


The Staples Better Divider with sliding tab…on the top this time

Usually with regular tabbed dividers you are stuck with between 5-8 fixed locations, and if you want to shift the order around once you have written on your tabs, you are pretty much out of luck unless you have removable labels for the tabs.  With the ability to slide your tabs into just about any position, you can reorder the the position of your dividers.   As with most tabbed dividers, Id suggest that you use some removable lables so you arent stuck with what you write on them the first time, but as you can see in the pictures, I was actually able to write on the tab with a regular Sharpie marker with no problem.

If youare looking for a bit more flexibility with your tabbed dividers, then the Staples Better Divider with Sliding Tabs is a great option.  In addition to the sliding tabs, they alo come in multiple colors and they have a transparent center which lets you see through to the first page in each section.

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