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The Storyboard Program's UserFriendly Interface

  • By Joy Davenport
  • Published 05/28/2010
  • Screenplay

Digital storyboarding software is the wave of the future…but how does it work, and just how easy is it to use? Today’s storyboard software can assist your efforts to create films, animation, or engaging presentations. You’ll be amazed at the special features built into today’s storyboarding software (and by the ease with which they can be used and enjoyed). In fact, digital storyboard software is an effective creative tool that can open up a whole new world of possibilities for indie directors, animators, and even teachers and ad executives. Throughout the years, digital storyboard software has been refined to work with your own creative mindset. Programmers have taken a look at the pitfalls and problems of the past and ironed them out. The end result is a highly-intuitive interface that is totally user-friendly. For example, you can isolate a portion of your script, add pre-loaded artwork, props, dialogue, and backgrounds…all in mere minutes. You can work in a linear fashion, from the first frame to the last…or you can jump around and go where your imagination takes you. There are storyboard programs today that are specially designed to you’re your storyboarding needs.

When you use a storyboard software, you’ll enjoy making different versions of your concept and also, you can save different ideas, different camera angles, and different special effects. This can be an advantage

for you as it can help you tighten up your story and get it ready for film. Traditional 2d storyboard software has its limitations, but those days are over. With today’s programs, a layered, three-dimensional effect is at your fingertips. Today’s storyboard program is designed to work with the programs you already know and love. Once you’ve created your storyboard, sharing it with the world is even easier and importing images is so simple You can make a Flash movie of your work and post it on your Internet blog or website. Going viral with your vision can be the key to attracting interest and more investors. One of the key benefits of digital storyboard software is the way it frees up your time – by supplying you with pre-loaded artwork, it removes the need for a live artist. In the past, dealing with artists could bring lots of woes to aspiring directors and animators. Delays, expenses, and drama were par for the course! You can simply select from an array of characters, props, backgrounds, and special effects…it’s as easy as clicking a mouse. From start to finish, you can realize your artistic vision, and you won’t need to deal with the problems and pitfalls of 2d software or old-fashioned “paper” storyboards.

Storyboard examples are available all over the web – take a little time to explore this valuable new technology today. Once you’ve seen how polished, professional, and impressive digital storyboards are, you’ll want to move into the future with a digital storyboarding program.



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