The Three Best Television Families of Recent Times

There are quite a few good family sitcoms that have aired throughout the 1980s and 90s. Some of the best shows include, ‘The Cosby’s’, ‘The Bundy’s’, ‘The Addams Family’ and the list goes on. The one thing all of these sitcoms have one thing in common in that they are funny and engaging. Families have had endless laughs over the quirky and eccentric behaviourisms of the fictional characters. What is even more notable about these family sitcoms is that they featured families who were completely imperfect, unlike the families of the older family sitcoms. These television families were your regular working-class families who struggled to make it in this life just like anyone else. That is the main reason these television shows were so popular and successful. We can all identify with these fictional families.

Here is a list of the three best family television families of recent times.

The Simpsons

Who can forget the Simpson family? They were the longest running animated television show in history and continue to air on television. The dysfunctional Simpson family has forever changed the way we think of the family unit. Homer Simpson, the patriarch of the family, was certainly not the ideal father figure he should have been. He spent much of his time at work at Springfield’s nuclear power plant eating donuts or sleeping on the job. Homer often did silly things and acted before thinking. His wife, Marge, was not your typical submissive, stay-at-home mother. Many times she took charge of the family’s affairs. Bart, the eldest Simpson child was always scheming up some nasty prank that landed him into trouble. Lisa was the top-student in her grade and most intelligent member of the Simpson family. Yet, her talent was continuously ignored by the rest of her family. Then there was Maggie, the youngest of the Simpson children.

The Tanners

The Tanner family was the star family of the television sitcom, ‘Full House’, which aired from 1987 until 1995. The television show was about a father, Danny Tanner, who was widowed after his wife died in a tragic car accident. After his wife’s death, Danny got his best friend, Joey Gladstone and his brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis to help raise his three daughters. Later on in the series, Jesse’s wife, Rebecca Donaldson became a part of the Tanner family and helped Danny raise the girls. This was no ordinary family as it was quite mixed. Yet, the show did portray some traditional family values. Danny always strove to be a good father figure to his children and a loyal friend to Joey and Jesse.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement was another famous family sitcom that aired from 1991 until 1999. As its title suggests, the theme of this sitcom was about improving the physical appearance of homes as well as relations with family members, friends, co-workers and peers. Tim Taylor was both father and host of his very own home improvement show, ‘Tool Time’. Tim was a stereotypical man who loved tools, sports and cars. His overconfidence and impracticalness often resulted in accidents both on and off the set. The life of the Taylor family portrayed the life of any middle working-class family.

Jill, Tim’s wife, may have been a stay at home mother, but she had a large say in the family’s affairs. Brad, the eldest son, had a nasty of habit of acting before thinking. His actions often got him into trouble at home and at school. Randy, the second son, was the witty and sarcastic son who was always able to think quickly before getting into trouble. Both Brad and Randy continuously tormented their kid brother, Mark, while constantly teasing and pestering each other. Beside their problems, though, the Taylor family supported each other through good times and bad times.


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