The Three Best Weight Loss Meals


Authored by Rodney Southern in Weight Issues
Published on 12-07-2008

Losing weight is a challenge that millions of people attempt every single day. Some succeed, while others fail. What causes some to have great success, while others give up before they even get started? Food. Plain and simple, food is both the problem and the solution. If you truly want to lose weight and have it last, then you must have some weight loss meals that you actually love. Not like. Love. Here are the three best weight loss meals to turn to when you simply must have a go-to meal.


Salad is perhaps the best known and most common dieting staple on the planet. Why not? It is virtually fat free, and is loaded with good water. Leafy green vegetables have always been one of the healthiest foods on the planet, and the salad is the perfect mixture of them all when done correctly. The diversity in salad is wonderful as well. You can have a spinach salad, or a romaine salad, or even a Caesar salad. All of them are delicious, and all of them are healthy and great for weight loss. Salad truly is one of nature’s perfect foods.


Not many meats out there can actually make the list, but salmon is certainly one of them. Not only is it healthy for your weight loss, but it also works miracles for your heart, skin, lungs, and cholesterol levels to name a few. Salmon is loaded with rich omega oils and fish oils that are excellent for lipids. The natural flavor of salmon makes for an excellent meal regardless of diet. Salmon is especially wonderful when paired with salad. These two weight loss foods are very powerful when paired together.


The smoothie is on the list simply because sometimes you simply must have something sweet. The fruit smoothie, the veggie smoothie, and mixtures of the two are all fantastic options for that hungry stomach when you are fighting an urge for a big hunk of bad food choices. The smoothie is wonderful because it fills you up without making you feel bloated. The tastes are endless with the different concoctions that you can create. Each and every one of them are special to the taste buds, and when you tire of one, create another.

Weight loss meals are really just ways for us to get great food without the extras. The extras in food is usually what makes it bad for us. Additives, preservatives, and other nasty extras add calories and fat to our backsides. These weight loss meals are all ways for us to break through these bad choices, and have something healthy instead. Consider adding these weight loss meals to your stable of foods today and watch the pounds start to disappear!


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