The Title Weight Match: Which Game Console Do You Want?

In the word of fan-boys and flame-wars, it can be difficult to determine what console would be best for you; after all, as far as everyone is concerned, the best console ever made is whichever one they happen to own. I’m pretty sure there are Sega Genesis owners who will stick to their principles, no matter how many other consoles come out in the future. With any luck, this (hopefully) neutral review will help you out a little.

The Nintendo Wii probably surprised everyone with its relatively wide success; while Nintendo had once been the powerhouse with its N64 console, the Gamecube incarnation had pretty much dubbed the company as a ‘smaller’ contender to Sony and Microsoft. Heck, the name Wii was the source of many off-colored jokes. But now it’s established quite a foothold in the market, and for one simple reason; it’s fun. Although less powerful than the other two consoles, the Wii has by far the widest variety of exclusives, (since most of the games on the Wii are pretty much made for it,) and also a rich background of titles and characters to call upon. Super Smash Bros. Brawl alone probably explains at least one third of its popularity. Best of all, this is the sort of game console my own grandparents could actually enjoy, which makes it a fun option in family gatherings. Suffice to say, the Wii is the most ‘social’ of the consoles. And, hey, it’s cheap!

The Playstation 3 is pretty much polar opposite from the Wii. While nowadays they’ve tried to adjust their marketing strategy to appear a little more accessible, (early commercials made it look as if it were some advanced alien artifact,) the console is still pretty much for the hardcore gamer. With the definite edge in terms of hardware, the Playstation 3 has definite potential in terms of ‘blockbuster’ games, potential already taken advantage of in a few of its titles. One problem, however, is a bit of a vicious cycle; it’s one of the least purchased consoles, due to its relatively hefty pricetag, and this smaller market leaves developers less interested in making exclusive titles for it, which leaves customers less interested in buying it, and so forth.

I bought my console, a 360, over a year ago. I don’t regret it one bit, but that’s because the console happens to fill most of the ‘needs’ I have when it comes to gaming. It did, and still I believe does, have more exclusive titles under its belt than the PS3, (of course, whether these exclusive titles are worth it is a matter of opinion,) and if anything it seems to be found somewhere between the Wii and Playstation 3 in terms of cost, flexibility, and hardware power. When I bought it, of course, the decision was much easier; I wanted a strong gaming console, and the PS3 had a grand total of, like, 2 exclusive titles, while the 360 had tempting games like the then-exclusive Bioshock. Were I to make the decision today, however, I admit I’m not certain which of the two I would choose.

Actually, I might just go for a Wii. Love Super Smash Bros Brawl.


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