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The Top 10 Most Popular Office Supply Reviews During 2011


Each year I like to give you some insight into what the top ten most frequently visited posts were for the year as it wraps up.  The results below are based on the Google Analytics reporting for the site, and look at the total number of unique page views since January 1, 2011, and includes all of the reviews on the site, regardless of the year that they were posted.  Next week I will share with you the list of the most popular reviews that were published in 2011 so you can get an idea of what the most popular office supply items were for the current year.  Later next week I will also be publishing the Annual Editors Choice Awards (link to last year’s) for my picks of the best office supplies for the year.

So lets take a look starting with #10 and see which reviews got the most attention this year…regardless of what date they were posted:

10.   Saddleback Leather Breifcase – Still one of my favorite items that I own, I was glad to see that it just made   it into the most frequently visited review list.


9.   Jumbo Binder Clip – Sadly these things are SO hard to come by now, I frequently get emails asking where to buy them, and I’ve exhausted my resources and have not been able to locate them any longer.


8.   Sharpie Pen – Not surprising to see this make the list, even though it is an older review.  The popularity of this pen is well deserved due to its quality writing experience.


7.   Zebra Sharbo X Multi Pen – This is a review that was done a while ago as well.  It is really one of the more visually appealing and practical every day pens out there in my opinion.


6.   Field Notes Steno Pad – If I am remembering correctly, this was my first Field Notes product review, so it was nice to see that it was so well received.  The pad itself has a great sturdy feel and a simple clean design that appeals to many I’m sure.


5.   Uniball Kuru Toga – I still stand by the fact that this is by far the best mechanical pencil out there.  I stopped using pencils for years, and this mechanical pencil changed that, now I use one all the time.


4.   Dry Erase Paint by IdeaPaint – I’ve always been a big fan of this concept, and the folks at IdeaPaint were very supportive in doing not one, but two giveaways of this product on the blog.


3. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – In my opinion this is one of the best beginner fountain pens out there.  It is very affordable, offers a great writing experience, comes in a variety of colors as well as nib sizes, AND can be filled using either a converter or cartridges.


2.   Sharpie Liquid Pencil – Sometimes the popularity of a review does not necessarily equate to it being a great product, and this review continues to get a ton of visits.


1.  Pilot G2 – Sticking with the theme of popularity not necessarily equating to high quality, the thoughts I shared on my opinion of the popular Pilot G2 clearly drew some attention.


There you have it…like I said stay tuned for next week when I’ll share with you the 2011 reviews that got the most visits, as well as our Annual Editors Choice Awards for the most popular office supplies of the year.

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