The Top 10 Reasons People Get Fired

Companies fire workers for not being honest or having a lack of integrity at work. Workers who tell everything they know about confidential products and services or who use company materials for their own gain tend to lose their jobs. A good way to keep a job is to always he honest and straightforward with both management and fellow workers about shared information.

Never lie on a resume to land a job. The truth will eventually come out, and could cause job loss when management notices an overstatement of education or qualifications. The checking goes on even after hires are made, including credit and background checks to be sure information is accurate.

Companies many times fire workers for insubordination. The worker’s time on the job is not his or her own, but the company’s. This means that in order to keep the job, a worker needs to follow directions while there.

The last reason people are sometimes fired includes this one. It is not wise to use company time for personal conversations. Call the family only in an emergency or on break times. Also, do not use company time to discuss personal matters with co-workers.

The people working for a company need to provide consistent, accurate work in their field. Those who have issues outside of work need to keep those issues from affecting their work and seek professional counseling in cases where that would help. The workplace is never the place to air out personal problems or emotions.

Many companies also fire employees for not getting along with others. Although minor disagreements are bound to happen among co-workers, escalations and repeat offenses get people fired. In cases where there is no mental disorder present, management should first step in and refer the parties to an assistance program since even shy people and those with autism related disorders can learn to get along with others.

Lying on a resume about skills and not learning quickly to do the tasks gets people fired. Of course, not being able to do a certain task sometimes results from a lack of adequate training. Someone with such a mismatch of skills to tasks needs to speak up right away for the training to avoid being fired.

A similar problem to this arises when the employee appears to not care about tasks. This person will do things slowly, if at all, and often complain of boredom. Unless the attitude toward work improves, the job is often lost.

An employee who refuses to go to work or lies about being sick also often gets fired. The company whose people don’t arrive and work can’t fulfill its purpose as a business and must replace absentee workers with those who will do their tasks.

Sometimes, drug or alcohol abuse ties into the other reasons for firing people. These substances cause people to lose their memory of how to perform certain functions or can cause lying and other ill behavior. They also lead to many workplace errors and accidents.


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