The Top Five Garth Brooks Songs of All Time


Authored by Rodney Southern in Music 
Published on 10-17-2009

With the recent announcement that country superstar is finally coming out of retirement to perform regular shows in Las Vegas, people are beginning to go back and revisit some of his music and get to know him again. In the nineties, Garth Brooks dominated not only the country music scene, but the music industry in general. The man was everywhere. Here are the top five Garth Brooks songs of all time: (Selections are subject to debate, of course)

Number Five Garth Brooks Song of All Time – Unanswered Prayers

This is one of those country ballads that simply rips your heart out because of the ease with which you can relate. We all have prayed to a higher power at some point in our lives, and this song is all about the prayers that do not seem to get answered. The hook is that those prayers are answered, just not the way that we might think. This is one of the best ballads in the history of country music if only for the lyrics.

Number Four Garth Brooks Song of All Time – The Thunder Rolls

The Thunder Rolls is a song that is both ballad and power country all at the same time. Garth had a way of taking a song and making it alive. This is the perfect example of such. Another reason this song makes number four on the all time list of greatest Garth Brooks songs is because of the live concerts that brought it to life. The lightening, rain and thunder on stage was incredible.

Number Three Garth Brooks Song of All Time – Ain’t Going Down Till The Sun Comes Up

From the standpoint of hard driving country music, it gets no better than this song. Garth Brooks was known for his high energy live performances, and this song helped to give him that reputation. The song is so fast in parts that it boggles the mind how the lyrics actually get said. In the world of country music where two step dancing is king, this song is among the most requested even to this day. Just try to keep up with the song while dancing.

Number Two Garth Brooks Song of All Time – Rodeo

Another big fad in the nineties was the “pseudo cowboy” on Friday and Saturday nights. Everyone from business executives to tattoo artists was throwing on a cowboy hat and boots and heading out to the club on the weekends. This cowboy craze was largely spurred by Garth and his long line of cowboy songs. Rodeo was the best of his mainstream cowboy hits, and single handedly spurred the craze.

Number One Garth Brooks Song of All Time – The Dance

While country music is sometimes considered to be a bit jaded, this song is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Heartfelt, haunting and absolutely magical, The Dance is a song that will hold up one hundred years from now. It speaks of our journey through life and the ups and downs we go through living it. The piano in this song is unforgettable and will forever hold a place near the top of any ballad list.


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