The Top Five Handbags for Night Clubbing


Authored by Kennedy Allen in Shoes and Accessories 
Published on 07-25-2009

Handbags are one of the most important fashion accessories. The right handbag will make or break your perfect ensemble. More than just fashionable, a handbag must meet certain other criteria depending on the occasion for which it will be called into use.

When night clubbing, the size of a handbag is something we must take into consideration. Is the club big or small? Is it crowded? Will you be mostly sitting or standing? These are the most valid questions when choosing a handbag for a night out on the town. The answers to these will make picking out a handbag for night clubbing easier amongst a sea of fashionable choices!

For example, if the club you are going to is more like a lounge, you will have plenty of room to walk without having to squeeze through the masses of dancing drunks. Also, your handbag will be more noticeable, so it should be a defining part of your outfit. A perfect handbag for this occasion would be one of the all-time favorites, the Fendi Spy Bag. Attention-grabbing and unique, this amazing handbag comes in all colors and fabrics from matte leather to glimmering python.

However, sometimes we are not willing to carry the large version of this perfect handbag for fear of it being too heavy or distracting. If the club is crowded and you don’t have anywhere to sit and put your handbag down, it can get annoying. On this occasion, you can opt for the Fendi Small Spy Tote. This smaller handbag is just as attractive and envy inducing, plus comes in a variety of materials as well.

Another reason to choose a small handbag for a night out clubbing would be that the place is known for being very crowded. A perfect handbag can be ruined by having to push and pull through a crowd, not to mention, leather gets ruined when it comes into contact with so much sweat!

A perfect handbag option for a night clubbing with lots of close contact would be the Chanel Classic Flap bag. Not large, but still fits in the essentials and a bit more. It’s long shoulder strap can be altered to be either long or short, so you can keep it close while maneuvering through the bar and dance areas to find your friends. Yet another alternative for this scenario would be a clutch style handbag, such as the Christian Dior Lady Dior Clutch.

One question I consider very important when considering what handbag would be perfect for a night at my favorite dance club is: Can I dance while carrying it? One perfect handbag that has proven itself time and time again in personal experience is the Fendi Bagguette. Compact and lightweight, this handbag slings over your shoulder and fits under your arm very comfortably as you dance the night away.

The best advice for choosing the perfect handbag for a night clubbing is to think of the circumstances. Gauge the situation and needs. If you do not feel like carrying something all night, choose the small bag. If you feel like calling out lots of attention, bring the big and bold one. Just make sure it matches your outfit!


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